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If you are a seasoned writer or even if you are yet to share your latent talent with the world, we are interested in having you on in our writer’s team. The only criterion that we seek is the desire to write. If you have this in you, contact our editing team at ztechnews(at)yahoo.com

What kind of Articles we are looking for?

At Ztechnews.com we write about technology, we only accept articles related to below topics:

  1. Laptop, ultrabook.
  2. Tech News.
  3. Gadgets
  4. Cell phone, Tablet
Rules for submitting Guest post:
  1. Post must have 500+ words.
  2. Post must be original, not copied from any other site.
  3. You will not resubmit post to any other site or blog.
  4. After publishing post, all rights of it are reserved by us
  5. Make sure article doesn’t contains affiliate/paid links .
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