Mar 122013

It seems that a lot of people are very interested in the larger size screen iPhone, in fact, Apple has had this “big screen” model for long time, which is the iPhone prototype used to develop in early stage. It is reported by the Ars Technica recently, it has a 5×7 inch large screen, as well as all unimaginable elements.

As you can see, above this 5×7-inch (diagonal size of 10 inches, similar to the iPad screen) there are full-size USB, VGA and even the RJ-45 cable interface. And it is possible to be the evidence that Apple early developed tablet eventually turned to the iPhone.

In addition, this prototype is with the ARM A9 chip Samsung produced, while the first-generation iPhone is with the 600MHZ Samsung ARM11 processor. Anyway, it looks like a motherboard.

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