Oct 182012

There is just a week more time from the official release of Windows 8 system, there are many ways to buy or upgrade Windows 8. Of course, we all want to get this latest Windows system with the least money. yesterday, there were a lot of media reported on the news that Windows 8 booking occupying the top of the Amazon software sales. Microsoft has announced the required cost of the system upgrade. The cost of Windows 8 software booking on Amazon.com is $ 69.99, but Amazon provides consumers purchasing the upgrade services a $30 promotional card which can purchase any product in the website. Thus to offset this promotional card, the Windows 8 price is $ 39.99.

Seen from the sales status, the market has a large demand on the new Windows operating system, and this consumption voucher promotion strategy also greatly stimulates consumption. Actually in the price information given by the official, DVD boxed version upgrade promotional price is $69.99, and this promotion seems to have a deadline, for those who are already in the use of genuine Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, the online upgrade price is $ 39.99.

Related different Windows 8 system products price are as follows:
Windows 8 (Full Version) – $ 99.99
Windows 8 Professional (Full Version) – $ 139.99
Windows 8 Pro Pack (product key only) – $ 69.99
Windows 8 Professional Upgrade – $ 69.99

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