Sep 142012

According to media reports, Hewlett-Packard president and CEO Meg Whitman said on Thursday that HP will eventually launch a smart phone, but the company has no intention to acquire Canadian smartphone maker RIM.

Whitman said in an interview withFox Business Network on the same day: “We are working in this area, we must finally launch a smart phone, because in many countries around the world, the first computing device local consumers buy is the smartphone … while HP itself is a computing device manufacturer. ”

When asked the issues whether HP intends to acquire all or part of the assets of troubled RIM, Whitman said: “We will not do this, and it is not the direction we plan to develop.”

Whitman has long served as eBay CEO, and served as HP’s CEO last year. Since then she developed a business restructuring plan for HP, and the time period is 5 years. Whitman said on Thursday this restructuring plan has been completed about 20%. She also expected that HP’s various businesses will show signs of gradual growth next year.

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