Oct 162012

According to media reports, Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system will be officially released until October 26, but at least one Wal-Mart store has begun to sell the copy of Windows 8 operating system.

According to the picture provided by a reader named Aaron,there are a few pieces of Windows 8 boxed copies in Wal-Mart store in his city, among which the upgraded version Windows 8 Pro is priced at $69.99. Aaron did not buy those copies, but Wal-Mart employees told him those copies can be bought, altough the store has exhibited the boxed copy of Windows 8 system, the publicity activities are not yet in full swing.

Microsoft officially released the boxed version of Windows 8 system last week, and began to accept advance orders of the operating system and related hardwares. It is unclear if someone has managed to buy the copy of Windows 8 system, but since they have pu been blicly placed on the good shelf in Wal-Mart stores, then it means that Wal-Mart may not comply with Microsoft’s provisions on Windows 8 system listed date.

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