Sep 192012

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According to media reports, Twitter launched its 5.0 version iPad and iPhone applications and adopts a new user interface, which introduces a fresh view and a new stream of photos, and completely abandons the tool bar.

After the revision, the Twitter’s iPad application and iPhone application are consistent, at first glance it’s more clear than the previous version. The interactive load is quite quick, which reducs the options that confuses new users.

Twitter iPad application interface now only set Home, Connect, Discover and Me four tabs in the left border, when click on the tabs, it will not load label drawer like the previous version.

The information is also changed, now the title picture is used, which is very similar to Facebook’s Timeline cover Figure, the title photos and personal avatar are completely different, which appears in websites, mobile sites, iPad and iPhone applications. Twitter said, the title photos on iPad, mobile applications and is consistent, and users can also replace the title photos at any time.

The Photo stream is a new feature added in profile page, which can record the moment for users sharing photos on Twitter. This feature will also realize in Twitter’s official Android applications.

This is a small revision for Twitter, which is from the view of the forum aesthetic point, and no new features are added.

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