Dec 062012

Toshiba released 13 million pixels 1.12um back-illuminated sensor T4K37, which has built-in CNR color noise reduction processing system. The sensor is suitable for 8.5mm ×8.5mm size camera module, and it can be used for mobile phones and other devices.

Due tot he limit of the pixel MUTsize, the current 1.12um sensor is still insufficient in photosensitivity and SNR signal-to-noise ratio. The back-illuminated technology can improve the sensor’s photosensitivity, but a limited effect in quality improvement. Toshiba said this latest research and development sensor integrated the CNR back-illuminated can effectively improve the capacity and signal-to-noise ratio. Its signal-to-noise ratio is about 1.5 times higher than the existing 1.12um sensor and it can obtain high image quality equivalent to 1.4um sensor.

The T4K37 sensor will offer sample in December this year, and the price is 1500 yen.

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