Nov 292012

Currently, Microsoft, Asus and Lenovo have officially sold their NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core ARM processor based Windows RT tablet products, according to media quoted the NVIDIA website article as saying, the Windows RT has not fully played Tegra 3 processor entire performance so far.

It’s because Windows RT system also can not perfectly match with the 4-PLUS-1 Quad-Core with a 5th Battery Saver Core specially design Tegra 3 used, which allows processor to decid the participating number of core data processing according to the user’s current workload, and the companion core role is to handle the low power consumption task such as standby, music and video playback, in order to maximize the savings on electricity consumption.

However, the reality is that Windows RT equipment can not normally use the companion core in Tegra 3, but to enable one of the four high-performance cores to process low-power task, thereby increasing the overall power consumption of the Windows RT devices, this is why the Tegra 3 device operating frequency in Windows RT is lower than in Android devices.

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