Jan 282013

The well-known Linux vendor Canonical has announced the development of smart phone operating system Ubuntu OS. The news makes many Ubuntu Linux users excited. But a few days ago the Canonical executives said in an interview, at initial stage of the Ubuntu OS phones, it will only support to run the pre-installed software. Canonical’s product manager Richard Collins recently told the U.S. media that the first batch of the Ubuntu OS-based smart phones would be marketed in 2014.

The executive said that the Ubuntu OS strategy is to market as early as possible, so in the early days, the phone will not have application stores, but there will be a core group of application softwares pre-installed, this phone will be suitable for those who use some core function of the phone.

Obviously, the news makes those who are keen for “playing” smart phones disappointment, Internet telephony and other functions would be less likely.

However, in accordance with the Canonical plan, it will still be like other smart phones in the future, to have an application store, the world’s Ubuntu Linux application software developers can also port their computer softwares to the Ubuntu OS phone.

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