Nov 232012

IBM’s research institutions IBM Benchmark released a report on Thursday, said the U.S. Christmas shopping boom started on Thursday, ended at noon that day, the online sales increased by 14.3%, on average, each order was valued at$ 132.57. Up to three p.m., IBM released a new report, the U.S. Thanksgiving e-commerce retail sales grew by 16.4% compared with 2011, other indicators had also improved.

Research firm comScore expected on Wednesday, during the Christmas shopping season this year, the nation’s e-commerce sales will reach $42 billion, a year-on-year growth of 14%.

IBM data showed that as of Thursday noon, the e-commerce sales in the United States grew by 14.3%, the average value of an order is $132.57. Users who used mobile devices to access retail sites accounted for 26.5%, while it was just 15.8% in 2011. Mobile device users visited an average of 7.13 pages.

Insiders said that the reason why the proportion of mobile users increased is that it will not destroy the atmosphere of reunion to shop via mobile devices at Thanksgiving family reunion moment.

The IBM data showed, the Apple iPhone is the most popular online shopping facilities, it promoted the growth of online retail traffic and it accounted for 9.6% of the online retail traffic. Second it’s iPad with a traffic share of 9.3%, while all Android devices traffic share is 7.3%.

Users not only browsed merchandise through mobile devices, the proportion of goods purchased via mobile devices is also up to 14.1%, four percentage points higher than 2011. In contrast, the so-called “social shopping” (shopping through social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest recommended) only accounted 0.2% of the overall online shopping sales.

Industry sources sais that two reasons may lead to this situation: First, the user is not yet accustomed to this form, second this e-commerce is still in its infancy. Most stores are out of business on Thanksgiving Day, so the e-commerce is relatively active.

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