Nov 212012

How will cellphone PK after retina screen? Recently, LG, Sharp and Japanese display firms has fierce competition in the smartphone screen resolution solutions market, Samsung was also not to be outdone, and announced that they will show the newly developed 4.99-inch full HD super AMOLED display in January 2013 in Las Vegas at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Recently, there was website reported a scoop from a South Korean newspaper which pointed out that the message was from Samsung internal, at the same time another Korean Press released related message, but the size was not specified to 4.99 inches. The message also sais that Samsung intends to turn the efforts from the LCD field to full HD AMOLED market, which is because its OLED product line may differentiate Samsung’s overall competitiveness to avoid failure before formally participating in the competition.

It has been revealed that the Samsung’s AMOLED display to be exhibited is not only thinner, but also lower power consumption, and has high contrast and refresh rate. Allegedly, Samsung internal staff revealed privately that this screen pixel density is 441ppi, which is close to the limits of human vision. This is also considered to get ready for the upcoming 5-inch 1080P resolution screen. The message also pointed out that Samsung will base on the output to decide whether to install the new screen on the Galaxy S IV at the second quarter of next year.

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