Sep 042012

SAP said on Monday, Oracle has appealed a lawsuit which lasts five years, and also this may make SAP pay more copyright infringement compensation.

This Monday, the SAP spokesman confirmed the contents that Germany “Mannheimer Morgen” had previously reported about what consequences Oracle appeal may bring, and said “in this bad cases, the appeal may take 2 years. ” SAP expressed disappointment on Oracle slowed down the process. SAP spokesman said, “We agree to carry out a reasonable settlement, because we believe that this case has been for a too long.”

In August, SAP agreed to pay Oracle $306 million compensation to settle the copyright infringement accusement to one of its departments, the lawyers pointed out at that time, this action was aimed at ” to save time and cost required by a new trial and to speed up the completion of the appeal procedure.” In 2010, a jury in North Carolina judged that  in the lawsuit of SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow improperly downloading Oracle files, SAP should pay Oracle $1.3 billion in compensation.

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