Nov 082012

It’s really a pity that the Apple iPad mini screen failed to meet the Retina level. Now from BBC News, currently the AU Optronics (AUO) is developing the next generation iPad mini screen, the resolution is expected to reach 2048 * 1536, which is four times than the current iPad mini screen resolution.

The news that Apple and AU Optronics are cooperating to develop the next generation iPad mini screen, while maintain the same size of 7.9 inches, the resolution will be up to 2048 * 1536, same as the fourth-generation iPad, but the higher pixel density to reach 497PPI. In addition, the new screen will use IGZO (metal oxide), as well as GOA (Gate IC on array) technology, and thus rest IC space at the edge of the screen, so the next generation iPad mini will adopt the ultimate narrow border design .

The AU Optronics said IGZO technology is necessary technology to produce ultra-high resolution screen, and the GOA technology is the premise to produce narrow frame screen, they will gradually develop or introduce new technology to enhance the operational performance. In addition, insiders pointed out that the production equipments to provide iPad mini parts in AUO Suzhou LCM factory are financed by Apple, which is equivalent to Apple’s dedicated production line.

As to the existing iPad mini screen, AU Optronics said they have solved the yield and light leakage problem, in the fourth quarter of this year they will supply material at a large number to ensure that the iPad mini can be sustained sales, which is also contributive to AUO performance.

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