Jun 212013

In this year’s WWDC Apple released the new MacBook Air, relative to last year’s product, this new MacBook Air is equipped with fourth-generation Intel Core Duo Haswell processor, and supports 802.11ac Gigabit WiFi. Due to the use of the Haswell processor, the new 13-inch MacBook Air’s battery life has reached 12 hours, a lot of main medias are impressive on the new MacBook Air.

But now it seems the new MacBook Air seems to have WiFi connection problem, of course, it is basically not surprisin for Apple’s new products having WiFi connection problem. Many users complained about last week released new MacBook Air having frequent WiFi connection in Apple’s official support forum. Of course, for WiFi connection, there are many variables in the actual environment, such as network problems, users router problems, etc., so it is unclear exactly what problem the new MacBook Air has, system Or firmware?

Apple may soon launch a firmware upgrade patch to fix the new MacBook Air’s WiFi connection problem. The Retina MacBook Pro released last year also had a WiFi connection problem at the beginning, then Apple released a firmware revise patch in short time to solve the problem. Is there anyone who met the new MacBook Air’s WiFi connectivity issue?

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