Mar 202013

The South Korea’s third-largest telecom operator LG U+ announced officially sell a smartphone usable in the bath or pool for about 30 minutes. As Japan’s Casio developed “GzOne” series model, the smartphone is the first waterproof smartphone using the LTE service in Korea. The GzOne can last up to 30 minutes in 1.5 meters depth water.

“The cover completely block the charger jack and headphone jack that can inflow water, so the smartphone will not have any problem when falling into the water.” In addition, the product side and back are equipped with buffer, the front side is installed with a layer of tempered glass, therefore, it will not fragment even if it falls to the ground.

LG U+ said, GzOne was rated the highest international waterproof rating IPX8, and it’s suitable for outdoor leisure activities. The phone is equipped with a 4-inch display, powered by Android 4.0 operating system. The price is 423,500 KRW.

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