Apr 022013

It’s rumored that Apple’s next generation iPhone may be named as iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, and the Japanese media broke the news that Apple will release the new iPhone on June 20 this year, and the new iPhone 5S/6 will not have too much change from the existing iPhone 5, and the rumored cheap version iPhone may be released in August this year for the Indian and Chinese markets.

The rumored June 20 seems very awkward, but perhaps it is the time of the Apple Developers Conference WWDC this year. The rumored iPhone 5S/6 will remain the 4-inch 1136*640 resolution screen, quad-core processor, wireless charging, 2GB memory and dual LED flash. Allegedly next year, Apple will launch a 4.5-inch smartphone model.

As for the low-cost version iPhone, it’s rumored to be listed in August this year, the non-contract price of this product may be less than $ 330, and it’s mainly for Indian and the Chinese mainland market.

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