Aug 272012

According to some media, Intel’s next generation Core graphics processor Haswell models will not continue the HD definition method, but to use the GT1, GT2 and GT3. The specific performance rank is GT3 the strongest, GT1 the weakest.

We can see from this list that the desktop level Haswell’s dual-core and quad-core versions are only equipped with the GT2 core graphics. But among the mobile level Haswell platform performance we can find the more powerful GT3.

Medias analysed that the desktop-class requirements to graphics is high or very low, therefore, it is sufficient to configure a moderate core in charge of the daily application of the graphic display. Desktop users with higher demand will select discrete graphics. For mobile platforms, the number of pursuit of high performance is not little, among which a large part is very concerned about the size and weight of the laptop. Therefore, the configuration of the stronger core graphics is more appropriate.

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