Oct 232012

According to media reports, Google has quietly updated its mobile payment service Google Wallet website, to promote the upcoming new version Google Wallet.

Users can apply for an invitation code in Google Wallet website. Google Wallet supports iPhone, Android and other devices. This indicates that Google will give up its early reliance on special hardware on the Android phone, to expand the popularity of Google Wallet in consumers and businesses.

Google has put a lot of advertising on buses and billboards, but Google Wallet is not favored by consumers, part reason is that it only supports some models of Sprint and Virgin Mobile mobile phones, and the reliance on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Google also provides web version Google Wallet for online payment, including Google’s own Google Play store buying digital content and applications. Over the years, Google has been providing a similar service called the Google Checkout.

A source revealed that Google pay business head Osama Bedier will speak in Money2020 meeting, but he will not disclose the details of the new version Google Wallet. Bedier is the former executive of payment service PayPal.

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