Apr 252013

Because of Samsung Electronics tight inventories, partial U.S. wireless carriers will delay the sale of the latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 in the United States.

The U.S. carrier T-Mobile and Sprint said due to the Samsung Electronics inventory problem, the release date of the Galaxy S4 will be at least a few days later than originally scheduled. This is a setback for Samsung Electronics which is seeking for further expansion of its popular Galaxy line smartphones.

Samsung Electronics spokesman Teri Daley said, the Galaxy S4 initial supply is limited, the offer amount for each country and each carrier are different. The Galaxy S4 will be globally and simultaneously released. She also said it’s expected to have a comprehensive Galaxy S4 supply channel in the United States at the beginning of May, but the supply in all countries of the world are limited. Finally, she said, some operators decided to sell it at the scheduled time, while others chose to defer the offer until there are enough supply to meet the demand.

The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile USA was originally intended to start the Galaxy S4 of online sales on Wednesday, and some stores will sell it on May 1. But now, the T-Mobile USA postponed the online release date to April 29, the listed time in physical store is postponed until May 8. The product will be sold in all stores on May 15 after T-Mobile USA gets more inventory from Samsung Electronics.

Sprint Nextel had originally planned to offer Galaxy S4 on April 27, but now they said due to the inventory problem of Samsung Electronics, the release date would be slightly delayed. The company will start online sales and telephone reservations on April 27, and it will be sold in physical store when the stock is adequate.

The American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) will offer Galaxy S4 as scheduled on April 27. Verizon Wireless also said that they would sell the Galaxy S4 on May 30.

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