May 222013

Recently, Samsung launched the latest music video of the Galaxy S4, which describes how a man pursues goddess with Galaxy S4, incidentally, demonstrates a lot of Galaxy S4 unique innovative features. But it is worth noting that in the video, a brown Galaxy S4 was discovered by sharp-eyed netizens, which indicates the Samsung is indeed moving along the road of Galaxy S3 to release colorful version Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s previous generation flagship Galaxy S3 has totally pebble blue, marble white, garnet red, sapphire black, titanium gray, purple and amber brown seven color models. Compared to the rich colors of Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 appears to be bleak, the first published devices have only black and white two colors. However, since the appearance of the Galaxy S4 is with little difference as the Galaxy S3, so it can be speculated that Samsung Galaxy S4 should not have much change in color.

Previously, Samsung has just revealed a north pole blue Galaxy S4 in Japan, which can be regarded as the blue section, Samsung Galaxy S4 now has four colors, so it just should be a matter of time to launch the remaining three colors.

Nonetheless, but the colorful version Samsung Galaxy S4 will still continue to use the plastic material shell. If consumers prefer other material body, then please pay attention to the Galaxy S4 Active, which is learned to use aluminum metal frame.

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