Feb 282013

According to media reports, the Canada’s leading mobile phone retailer Glentel said: the latest BlackBerry Z10 smartphone sales in the past three weeks have exceeded the iPhone 5′s and the Galaxy S III’s. Glentel has 330 retail stores in Canada, which is the largest mobile phone retailer.

The BlackBerry company President and CEO, Mr. Thorsten Heins said in an interview with German “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, the clients positive feedback for BlackBerry 10 really made him excited, and the BlackBerry company has also increased BlackBerry 10 smartphone output. In addition, Heins also revealed that, in the new customers purchasing the BlackBerry 10 smartphones, many are iPhone or Android smart phone users, and the proportion of these customers in the BlackBerry 10 customers also exceeded the company’s expectations.

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