May 282013

Recently, the game tablet Wikipad has arrived FCC to begin various technical tests, from the current displayed relevant documents, the currently tested is only the 7 inches version tablet body, but it’s not equipped with the iconic detachable handle. The biggest bright spot of the game tablet is in addition to Andorid game, it also gets Sony’s PlayStation certified, which can play cloud games through Gaikai platform. The product is expected to be sold at $ 249.

The Wikipad is equipped with 7-inch IPS display, 16GB storage space and NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. In addition to touch screen, the device is equipped with left and right rockers, Arrows and ABXY function keys that gamers are very familiar with, which can be mapped. Compared with the 10-inch model, it’s even more compact and feels better.

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