Dec 212012

As we all know, the early produced Apple 27-inch iMac supports to install Apple’s Boot Camp software. But recently, the latest 3TB hybrid hard drive version of the iMac can’t install Boot Camp on their computers.

Boot Camp is a software that allows users to use Windows 7 installation disk to install Windows 7 on Intel processor-based Mac system, after the installation users can run the “dual system” on their Mac computers and select different operating systems in different cases.

In fact, even if you can not use the Windows system, there are many applications that can perfectly substitute for the Windows system software in the Mac, the only troublesome thing is that some games can’t run in Mac system.

In fact, Apple has made a description on its iMac page, the current 3TB version iMac computer can not use Boot Camp. It is hoped that Apple can resume 3TB version iMac support on Boot Camp as soon as possible, because most high-end users really have the demand to have both 3TB and Boot Camp.

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  1. I like OSX as well as Windows for many things but I just find that OSX is limiting and its limiting on purpose. I use virtual machines at work and increasingly at home and OSX, with out hacking a Linux layer, cannot be virtualized. That was a choice from Apple, the same with only having one button on the mouse/touch pad for so long for style over substance. I like that OSX is built on Unix, I like Unix as a base but really I like Linux better than OSX because its a more flexible iteration of Unix then OSX, Windows is just my ugly truck that gets the job done.

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