Dec 192012

Recently, the Windows Phone 8 has become the new darling of the mobile operating system, the topic heat has even cought up with Android and iOS mobile operating system. The major mobile phone manufacturers have hurried to launch their own phones equipped with Windows Phone 8.

Samsung is no exception. According to the latest news, Samsung first Windows Phone 8 mobile phone ATIV S has obtained the network license, which means Samsung ATIV S last obstacle to release in the domestic market has been swept away.

Samsung ATIV S is equipped with 4.8-inch 720P Super AMOLED display which is the largest size among the WP8 phones, 1.9 million front camera and 8.0 million rear camera, the built-in storage space has 16GB and 32GB versions, and it supports microSD card expansion, NFC , Bluetooth 3.0 and some other functions. It is expected to be listed at the end of this year or January next year.

It is reported that the date when Samsung ATIV S gained the certification is December 13 this year, and the network license is WCDMA version. This phone also supports WCDMA, GSM (GPRS) signal systems.

Nov 282012

According to the Tech news site AllThingsD reports, Microsoft said on Tuesday that they have identified why part of the Windows Phone 8 restarted, and planned to release OTA updates to fix the fault.

Earlier there were reports that part of the Windows Phone 8 mobile phone users reflected in a number of professional forums that their phone often locked up or rebooted without cause, sometimes up to several times a day. These complaints are mainly related with HTC 8X and Lumia 920.

“We are continuing investigation on the relevant part of Windows Phone 8 phones restart with no reason, and now we have identified the cause of failure with partners,” Microsoft said in a statement. “We are developing the patch which is expected to be released in December.”

However, Microsoft refused to disclose what caused the failure, but also did not say whether the problem is limited to some models, or affect all Windows Phone 8 devices.

Nov 192012

In recent days, two Nokia PowerPoint presentations have been leaked, one of which exposured by presentation is up to 25 pages. It shows that there is an overlap between the WP 7.x and WP 8 timetable. We have been very familiar with “Mango → Tango → WP 7.8″ process, but the strange thing is that a text box followed 7.8, which says “WP 7.x.

Microsoft may not update WP 7.8 to WP 7.x, but why Nokia added a text box after WP 7.8?

WP 7.8 launch time is after WP 8, which we already know, but this is the first time that it will be launched before the first update of WP 8. The Windows Phone 8 updates is with plural, which may mean WP8 has a longer life cycle, to have a number of general update in the next few years, or numerous small update in the next few months.

Microsoft will use the OTA (over-the-air) to offer a variety of small patches and complete the OS update. It is also one reason why the many smartphone users are optimistic about WP8. But it is hard to say if the facts will be like that, especially after the intervention of the operators.

The WP Russian official Twitter page said Microsoft support for WP 7.8 is up to 18 months, which will continue to mid-2014. But no matter how it will be updated it can not be compared with WP 8, WP 8 can support multi-core processor, a microSD slot (on some models), and also can accept the OTA update and supports the NFC, which the WP 7 can not do.

Oct 302012

While the WP devices is upcoming, Microsoft released free WP application in Windows Store application store, so you can synchronize your WP equipment and Win8 computer.

TO use this application, you can have the music, photo or video on the WP phone synchronized to the computer, reverser is OK. You can also use the Win 8 application to share (such as sharing search), to automatically save photos or videos on the mobile phones to the computer and check the use of the mobile phone storage space. In addition, you can also use it to download mobile applications and in-depth understand your equipment. If your phone is lost, you can also use it to track. The WP8 or 7.8 version phones can install this application.

This synchronization feature Microsoft launched also greatly made up the gap with iOS and other platforms. On June 7, 2011, Apple officially released iCloud cloud service on the Worldwide Developers Conference that held in San Francisco, the service allows existing Apple devices to achieve a seamless connection. Apple said this month that the company’s iCloud users has reached 190 million, an increase of 40 million from 150 million in July, an increase of 21%. The iCloud users were 125 million in April this year.

Oct 082012

News from the technology blog MSNerd that Microsoft is cooperating with Huawei and MediaTek to launch a own brand Surface phone. Currently, Microsoft is recruiting the camera technicists.

Currently, the news has been confirmed by many sides. The news said that, unlike the previous market rumors, Microsoft Surface Mobile is not for the hign-end market, as MediaTek is known as its SOC solutions, which has been widely used in low-end smartphones in China. Similarly, Huawei channels are mainly located in China, where the market is very sensitive to product prices.

Microsoft is current partnership with Nokia, and it said it will not launch its own brand phone, not long ago, Nokia and Microsoft just cooperated and released the Lumia920 and Lumia820 equipped with the WP8 operating system. Through the cooperation with Huawei and MediaTek, that Microsoft launched its own low-end mobile phone will not only meet the needs of more users, but also not it will not become direct competition against Nokia.

Sep 282012

Recently, there is a great similarity of Windows Phone 8 Nokia and HTC recently released in the appearance, so the two companies may be involved in a new round patent wars due to this problem.

According to reports, Nokia may launch a patent war, as it has expressed dissatisfaction with the matter. Nokia suspected the Windows Phone 8X HTC released copied the Nokia Lumia 820 design. While HTC declined to comment on this patent war which has not yet started. Fred Liu, the HTC engineering operation manager, said he personally believed that the design of the Windows Phone 8X and Lumia 820 does not exist the similarity, which is as some industry observers said. In addition, he also cited Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer words that, Windows Phone 8X is the best intelligent machines with Windows Phone 8 so far produced by intelligent machines suppliers.

Even if similarity exists between these two intelligent machines, but for Nokia, the possibility is very small if they want to sue HTC copy from the design of its intelligent machines, because Nokia WP8 smart publishing date is only half a month earlier than the HTC’s, in order to develop a new type intelligent machine, it takes at least six months or more.

Microsoft as partners as Nokia and HTC at the same time, should have seen the two intelligent machine design before they have not yet entered the market sales, and it should stop one side infringement of the behavior of the other side design. In addition, industry sources said, Microsoft does not want to see the situation in its WP8 cooperation confronting at court.