Oct 222012

Lenovo Group’s vice president of mobile terminals research and development division general manager Chen Wenhui, said in Beijing, Lenovo istore new V5.0 version has already been on line, but the Lenovo has no plans to launch application store for Win8 temporarily.

Chen said, currently the applications in Lenovo istore are based on Android system, no applications are Windows-based, temporarily it will not increase the Windows applications.

Chen also said that Lenovo newly launched V5.0 version still adopts the model area which is to recommend the appropriate software according to each model. According to reports, there are 130,000 applications in Lenovo istore.

It is reported that Lenovo istore has been on line since May 11, 2010. On July 21 this year, Lenovo iStore application downloads broke billion for the first time.

Oct 192012

Yesterday Samsung started in Korea to pre-sell its Windows 8 products, while Lenovo Yoga folded ultrabook already supports booking in China. Today Toshiba also U.S. pre-sells the new Windows 8 ultrabooks, including (but not limited to) Satellite S, P and L notebooks, U Series ultrabook, Qosmio X875 gaming notebook and All-in-one LX815 and LX835 AIO computers.

If you are in the United States, then you can directly pre-order on Toshiba U.S. website or other large online stores, and you can get it on October 26 in major retail outlets in the United States.

Oct 182012

There is just a week more time from the official release of Windows 8 system, there are many ways to buy or upgrade Windows 8. Of course, we all want to get this latest Windows system with the least money. yesterday, there were a lot of media reported on the news that Windows 8 booking occupying the top of the Amazon software sales. Microsoft has announced the required cost of the system upgrade. The cost of Windows 8 software booking on Amazon.com is $ 69.99, but Amazon provides consumers purchasing the upgrade services a $30 promotional card which can purchase any product in the website. Thus to offset this promotional card, the Windows 8 price is $ 39.99.

Seen from the sales status, the market has a large demand on the new Windows operating system, and this consumption voucher promotion strategy also greatly stimulates consumption. Actually in the price information given by the official, DVD boxed version upgrade promotional price is $69.99, and this promotion seems to have a deadline, for those who are already in the use of genuine Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, the online upgrade price is $ 39.99.

Related different Windows 8 system products price are as follows:
Windows 8 (Full Version) – $ 99.99
Windows 8 Professional (Full Version) – $ 139.99
Windows 8 Pro Pack (product key only) – $ 69.99
Windows 8 Professional Upgrade – $ 69.99

Oct 182012

Although there are many versions rumors, but that Microsoft yesterday disclosed the price of its own brand first Tablet PC Surface shocked the industry, as its 16G, 32G, 64G price is exactly the same with Apple’s latest generation equivalent version ipad. Different from Apple’s indifference to the Chinese mainland market, Surface chose to launch first in the Chinese mainland market, Suning becomes Microsoft Surface exclusive online sales platform in China.

Industry was originally expected that Microsoft will unveiled the price of the Surface officially on October 26 same day as Windows 8′s, but Microsoft disclosed the price of the Surface in advance, and also announced the Surface pre-installed the Windows RT version began a limited pre-order, the industry thoufgt that the software giant which has always been quite satisfactory also began to pay attention to the marketing strategy.

Its Surface pre-installed Windows RT sales price is exactly the same with wifi version Apple new ipad price released in March of this year in the U.S. market, including 16G, 32G , 64G are separately $499, $599 and $699, lower than the minimum price the industry had expected.

Oct 162012

According to media reports, Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system will be officially released until October 26, but at least one Wal-Mart store has begun to sell the copy of Windows 8 operating system.

According to the picture provided by a reader named Aaron,there are a few pieces of Windows 8 boxed copies in Wal-Mart store in his city, among which the upgraded version Windows 8 Pro is priced at $69.99. Aaron did not buy those copies, but Wal-Mart employees told him those copies can be bought, altough the store has exhibited the boxed copy of Windows 8 system, the publicity activities are not yet in full swing.

Microsoft officially released the boxed version of Windows 8 system last week, and began to accept advance orders of the operating system and related hardwares. It is unclear if someone has managed to buy the copy of Windows 8 system, but since they have pu been blicly placed on the good shelf in Wal-Mart stores, then it means that Wal-Mart may not comply with Microsoft’s provisions on Windows 8 system listed date.

Oct 152012

Microsoft officially accepted Windows 8 system reservation, while Dell also uses this opportunity to pre-sale its XPS 12 hybrid equipment. We first saw this device on IFA 2012 Conference at the end of August, you can now book it at a price of $1,199.99. XPS 12 is equipped with Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB hard drive and 12.5-inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution display.

Good configuration is necessary, but its rotatable touch screen is most attracting, you can feel free to transform into a Tablet PC or notebook, but it is about 3.5 pounds weight, which means it is a little bulky no matter used as the notebook or tablet computer.

In addition, Dell also upgraded the XPS One 27 Inspiron One 23 AIO laptops and introduced the touch-screen versions for consumers to choose. The XPS One 27 with touch screen will be priced from $1,599.99, it is equipped with a 27-inch and 2560 x 1440 resolution touch screen, 3.2GHz Core i5 processor, 6GB RAM and 1TB 7200 RPM hard. As to the Inspiron One 23, you can buy it with $779.99 dollars. It is equipped with 23-inch 1080p touch screen, Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM and 1TB 7200 RPM hard. All Dell Windows 8 touchscreen devices have accepted reservations, and will be shipped at the end of this month.

Oct 122012

In order to meet the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, Sony launched many news products, such as previously hybrid tablet Duo 11, Touch T13 super-extreme, and so on. A few days ago, according to the latest news: Sony also introduced a abrand new T14 ultrabook, which is pre-installed Windows operating system, the starting price is $670, it is expected to be on sale at the end of this month.

On the configuration, the Sony T14 ultrabook is equipped with Intel IVB architecture i3/i5/i7 processor, built-in Blu-ray optical drive, speakers set on both sides of the keyboard, a USB 3.0 interface, a USB 2.0, HDMI, RJ45 network cable jack, headphone jack and a VGA port.

Oct 102012

Some notebook manufacturers recently lowered the price of their Windows 7 notebooks in the U.S. market, to make way for Windows 8 products listing.

For example, Acer cut down the price of the 11.6-inch Aspire one to $249; Asus also reduced the price of some 14.1 inches models to $299.

At the same time, many manufacturers, including Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung and HP have launched the upcoming Windows 8 Tablet PCs.

Acer Iconia W700 is equipped with a 11.6-inch (1920×1080 resolution) IPS display and Core i3/i5 processor. Industry observers expect the product is priced from $799 onwards.

Asus is rumored to launch two Windows 8 tablets: Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab RT.

It is reported that Asus will join AT&T to launch the Vivo Tab TF600 in the United States. The model is equipped with a Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, 11.6-inch (1366×768 resolution) IPS display and it’s priced at $599 onwards.

In addition, Samsung is about to launch three Windows 8 tablets: Ativ Smart PC, Ativ Smart PC Pro and Ativ Tab, among which the Ativ Smart PC Pro is equipped with the Intel Core i5 processor, while the Ativ Smart PC uses the Atom processor.

HP also released its Windows 8 tablet Elitepad 900, which is equipped with a 10.1-inch (1280×800) resolution display and Atom Z2760 processor. And it is expected that it will be listed in the first quarter of next year.

Sep 292012

Samsung Ativ Tab is Samsung’s first Widnows 8 RT tablet, which received many consumers soughting after since the launch, but whether this product will be successful, the price will play a more critical role, but its price has never been publiced. Fortunately, the online retailer of Slovenia enaa announced the price of the Samsung Ativ Tab tablet, it can be seen from the sales page of Ativ Tab that the 32GB version is priced at 650 euros.

The 650 euros has already been a high price, but this price does not include the keyboard and stylus, through Samsung provides the optional keyboard dock. This price is higher than most Android tablets even the iPad, Windows 8 RT can be closer to a complete operating system compared to Android and iOS, but hardware part is basically the same.

The other hand, the price is not confirmed by Samsung, which might just be the seller’s unilateral acts. Windows 8 will soon be available for sale, then we will know if the price is real ot not.

Sep 272012

Recent news that the U.S. operator AT&T will train the employees in the stores how sell Windows 8 tablets and WP8 smart phones from September 30 to October 16, and it’s said one of the Windows 8 tablets is Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, which supports for AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

According to the latest report that the ThinkPad Tablet 2 price is $799, but the two years contract price should still be quite cost-effective if cooperating with AT&T. And according to the sources products sold at the same time include Samsung and Acer Windows 8 products, but so far AT&T competitors, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile did not disclose any related details.