Nov 152012

According to media reports and the supply chain manufacturers in Taiwan, although the development of the global notebook PC market in 2012 did not go well, but both Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo laptop shipments goals are 40 million units for next year, the corresponding growth rates are 25% and 33.3% -37.9%.

Due to the economy of the United States and Europe have been no signs of recovery, the market demand for Windows 8 laptops can not be substantial growth in the short term, because the consumers need some time to become familiar with the new operating system, the industry analysts do not agree Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo’s prediction, they believe the two manufacturers are too optimistic about laptop sales of next year.

In addition to the other manufacturers, Samsung Electronics made next year notebook shipment target as 17 million units, the tablet shipments target is 40 million units, compared with shipments in 2012, the corresponding growth rates are 21.4% and 300%. Contrast, Toshiba and Acer shipments targets are more reliable, which is only 20 million units and 28 million units, the corresponding growth rates are 25% and 7.7% compared to 2012 shipments.

Nov 132012

Microsoft has confirmed that the latest version graphics processing software DirectX 11.1 exist as Windows 8 proprietary software, which means Windows 7 can only continue to use DirectX 11.

DirectX update greatlyest impacted the game industry, as the latest game often uses the latest version DirectX to develop in order to pursue higher screen effects, if you want to get the most flattering effect of a game, the DirectX 11.1 will undoubtedly be the best choice. But it needs game makers to consider that how many gamers have upgraded to Win8.

In fact, the real problem is not the game makers but for the ordinary gamers. Because the game makers can provide from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11.1 multiple choices in the game at the same time, what players have to decide is to upgrade the system or continue to use Win7 to experience lower grade game.

Nov 102012

The earliest news about the Dell Inspiron 14z laptop was in June this year, which was launched together with a lighter and thinner 13z. But when in the end they it will arrive, we are still unknown. But there are news that, Dell Inspiron 14z notebook is expected to be officially released on November 14 via T-Mobile.

It seems Dell and T-Mobile cooperated to launch the Inspiron 14z laptop on November 14. Dell Inspiron 14z notebook computer is equipped with a super-fast solid-state hard drive, and supports for T-Mobile 4G wireless network. And Dell Inspiron 14z notebook will be pre-installed Windows 8 operating system, based on the T-Mobile agreement, and provides management data, billing cycle, as well as self-service. if you need screen for Inspiron 14z, please go to

Some other characteristics, such as to provide up to 7 hours battery life, silver and red two appearance colors to choose from. However,  they did not disclose the price of the Dell Inspiron 14z laptop, there used to be news that the product is priced at $699.99,but it’s not sure.

Nov 052012

According to media reports, the security firm Kaspersky has released the report of the “IT threats change” of the third quarter. As usual, some of the conclusions in the report are concerning, of which the most concerning is none of Microsoft’s product is in the 10 most vulnerable products list, which is mainly due to Microsoft introduced in the auto-update mechanism in the most recent version Windows operating system to improve the safety performance of the product.

The top 10 most vulnerable products Kaspersky released includes Oracle’s Java, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader/Acrobat, Apple QuickTime, Apple iTunes, Winamp, Adobe Shockwave Player and Adobe Flash player, etc..

Details as follows:

1, Oracle Java Multiple Vulnerabilities, the degree of risk: high risk;

2, Oracle Java Three Vulnerabilities, the degree of risk: extremely dangerous;

3, Adobe Flash Player Multiple Vulnerabilities, the degree of risk: high risk;

4, Adobe Flash Player Multiple Vulnerabilities, the degree of risk: high risk;

Adobe Reader / Acrobat Multiple Vulnerabilities degree of risk: extremely dangerous;

6, Apple QuickTime Multiple Vulnerabilities, the degree of risk: high risk;

7, Apple iTunes Multiple Vulnerabilities, degree of risk: high risk;

8, Winamp AVI / IT File Processing Vulnerabilities, degree of risk: high risk;

9, Adobe Shockwave Player Multiple Vulnerabilities, degree of risk: high risk;

10, Adobe Flash Player Multiple Vulnerabilities, the degree of danger: extremely dangerous.

The above ranking is based on the products user proportion.

A few years ago, Microsoft’s products have been in this list. However, since the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft’s product safety performance has been significantly improved. Windows 7 and Windows 8 forward a step on the basis of the Windows Vista and further enhance the safety of products. However, due to the large market share, Windows is still the main target of hacker attacks, such as Windows 8 was exposed to have zero-day bug.

In addition, Kaspersky report also provides some important data:

1,28% attacked mobile devices are running the Android 2.3.6 operating system, which was released in September 2011;

2, in the third quarter of this year, 56% sniffing attacks exploit vulnerabilities of Java;

3, in the third quarter of this year, the total number of URLs with malicious code is 91.9 million, an increase of 3% than the second quarter.

Among which the second list deserves concerning, which is why unless users must use it, or should not install Java.

Nov 012012

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said on Microsoft Build Conference that after Windows 8 officially listed in the past four days, the company sold 400 million units to individual consumers. The industry believes that, it is a good start in four days time for Microsoft sold 400 million units Windows 8, but they still need to work hard for to reach the expected 400 million units.

Ballmer said he was very excited to completely reconstruct the Windows, and said the most important several activities in his career in Microsoft are: IBM PC release, Windows 95 release, as well as Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface publishing. In this meeting, Ballmer also demonstrated new features of Windows 8 in a new generation hardware, including the search function in the sidebar; in addition, as long as using the Microsoft account and SkyDrive, you can also automatically have the roaming settings between different devices. At the meeting, Ballmer changed the lock screen wallpaper on one device, then the other computer also automatically updated the wallpaper. In addition, Samsung, HTC and Nokia mobile phone with Microsoft operating system can also automatically achieve this functionality.

Mountain Lion, Apple’s latest version OS X operating system, sold 300 million units after listing four days, accounting for 5% among Apple’s 60 million units Mac. In contrast, the Microsoft Windows system currently installed capacity is about 1.25 billion, which means that 400 million units of Windows 8 only accounted 0.3%. In addition, a year after the listing of Windows 7, its sales is about 175 million sets, while Windows Phone 8 has not occupied the main position in the smartphone market.

Oct 302012

Will the Microsoft Windows 8 bring changes as the birth of Windows? The answer needs time to prove. But with Windows 8 listed, many OEM manufacturers launched their Win8 system based and deformation supported touch ultrabook. The new form and experience naturally caused consumer concern. There are websited posted prices of the Dell XPS 12 series, minimum € 1,199 and maximum € 1,499.

Dell XPS 12 is equipped with a 12.5 inches full HD screen, which can easily switch between Tablet and notebook. The XPS 12 adopts aluminum, carbon fiber and Corning Gorilla glass material.

On the hardware equipment, the Dell XPS 12 low configuration version is equipped with Intel’s third-generation intelligent i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD solid state drive, Intel HD4000 Graphics Core, pre-installed WIndows 8 Pro operating system, and it’s priced at € 1,199. While the high configuration version is equipped with Intel’s third-generation smart i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Solid State Drive, Intel HD4000 Graphics Core and pre-installed WIndows 8 Pro operating system, it’s priced at € 1,499.

Oct 262012

According to media reports, Microsoft officially released Windows8 system in New York, Julie Larson-Green, acting director of Microsoft Windows systems research and development said, Windows 8 can support for Windows 7 system equipments, it not only retains partial traditional interface of Windows 7, but also strengthened touch operation process and multi-task processing.

There are many Windows 7 system-based notebooks not supporting touch-screen operation, so many users can not experience the sense of flow of the touch screen. However, Julie said: those users based on Windows 7 notebook, even if not equipped with a touch screen, can also experience the touch-screen operation.

Julie said user must firstly upgrade Windows 7, after upgrading to Windows 8 platform, they can experience the touch-screen operation through the touch touchpad.The screen slide, sliding the edge of the screen and identifying the system menu and other operations can be easily achieved.

Oct 252012

ASUS held a new conference in New York and released its full range of windows 8 products, including notebooks, tablet PCs, and AIO equipments. Asus chairman Johnny Shih showed Asus new products, including dual screen Tai chi notebook, the touch screen VivoBook Series notebook, Zenbook ultrabook, VivoTab series tablet, Transformer Book deformable notebook and so on.

The Tai chi dual-screen notebook is the focus of the ASUS conference, it uses dual IPS HD touch screen design, 11.6-inch screen, Core i5/i7 processor, 4GB RAM, 128/256GB solid state drive, and it’s priced at $1,299, and will be on market in early November. The two screens can display same content and different content, and also it can be used as a tablet when closed the screen.

The VivoBook is newly launched series, and it has 11.6, 14 and 15-inch three sub-series, all using the touch screen, among which the 11.6-inch adopts Core i3 processor, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive S200.

The new Zenbook series are high-end ultrabooks adopting full HD resolution touch screen, and it’s targeted at high-end users.

The VivoTab Series is ASUS newly launched windows series tablet, including with windows RT system, Tegra3 processor and 10.1-inch screen VivoTab RT; using windows 8 system, Atom processor, 11.6-inch screen and with the stylus VivoTab tablet; and the use of windows 8, Atom processor, 10.1-inch screen and equipped with the Smart Keyboard Cover VivoTab Smart Tablet. The VivoTab RT weighs only 530g, and it is the lightest 10-inch tablet. It has 16 hours battery life with the base.

Transformer Book deformable laptop can remove the screen to become a tablet and it is currently the thinnest Core i7 tablet.

Although some products has unpublished price and time-to-market, with the official release of the Microsoft windows 8, Asus full line windows 8 devices will also be on sale soon.

Oct 252012

Microsoft will release Windows 8 soon in New York. There will display the Windows RT Tablet PC and other OEM manufacturers Windows 8 devices. Windows 8 will release four versions, the official retail price has not been announced, and there are only three upgrade programs. Windows 8 will be on sale simultaneously on October 26 in the global.

Four versions

Windows 8 will release four versions, namely Windows 8 (regular edition), Windows 8 Pro (Professional Edition), Windows 8 Enterprise (Enterprise Edition) and Windows RT (ARM version). The first two versions can be gained from retail channel, Enterprise Edition can only be purchased by registered users. Windows RT will be bundled with the hardware devices, not for separate retail.

Three upgrade programs

Previously, Microsoft announced in the official blog, users needs only $15 minimumly to upgrade to Windows 8. There are three upgrade options to be selected.

The following are detailed upgrade program:

1. Personal computer user who purchases notebooks pre-loaded with Windows 7 operating system between June 2, 2012 to January 31, 2013, can upgrade to Windows 8 Professional Edition with only $15, and this registered service will be closed on February 28, 2013.

2. If your PC is running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, you can download Windows 8 upgrade with $40, which is effective to 131 markets.

3. To buy the system in the shop, the upgraded Windows 8 Pro with DVD packaging is priced at $70, which is the promotional price. Windows 8 Pro upgrade promotion will end on January 31, 2013, you can purchase online or in a shop.

Oct 242012

According to media reports, the market research firm Forrester said in a report, affected by the Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems, smart phones and tablet PCs make Microsoft computing device operating system market share decline to about 30% from approximately 70% 4 years ago.

In order to reverse the decline of the operating system market share, Microsoft will release Windows 8 system later this week. The era of Microsoft’s dominant operating system market has passed and the operating system market will be divided by a number of companies.

Forrester vice president and principal analyst Frank Gillett said, “The operating system market will not be dominated by an operating system, or a company in future, Microsoft is too late to entry into the mobile market and has lost the dominant position.” Despite unlike RIM, Palm and Nokia slipped into a spiral, but Windows is no longer the king of the computing device operating system.

Windows market share decline was mainly due to large numbers of mobile devices running Android and iOS systems. Android will continue to lead the smartphone market, while Apple’s iOS software will continue to dominate the tablet market, Microsoft will continue to control the PC market.

Gillett said, “Despite a dominant position in the smartphone market, we believe that Google has missed the opportunity to develop in the Android Tablet PC market. The Android platform Tablet PC applications are not enough. Nexus 7 have some help, but there is no evidence that Google has had a major turning point in the Tablet PC market. Windows will have some success in the Tablet PC market, to reach 27% market share in 2016, due to the large PC user base, close relationship with corporate IT departments, Android Tablet pc is not strong enough. ”

Enterprises will be required to face three different types operating systems, rather than just an operating system of Microsoft. The main reason for this problem is employees use their own smart phones and tablet PCs in the workplace.