Oct 092012

As Windows8 will be released soon, Tablet PCs equipped with Windows 8 operating system began to stir, among which Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 gets a lot of attention. According to TechRadar reported that the ThinkPad the Tablet’s starting price will be set at $629, and this price does not include the keyboard and other accessories. According to the previous reports we has known that the ThinkPad Tablet 2 will be officially on sale at the same time with Windows 8 system on October 26, the first sale countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

Oct 082012

According to media reports, Microsoft is currently updating many procedures and tools releasing together with its windows 8. Within this week, Microsoft will summarize on the 50 locations changes in all the features caused by the windows 8 release, which includes the search, information, photo and music management functions.

According to reports, Microsoft is planned to officially release its Windows 8 system on October 26. Gabriel Aul, Microsoft Windows project management team member wrote in his blog: “With approaching to the windows 8 entering the public stage, there are many things that need Microsoft’s Windows team and other teams to complete to prepare for the release of Windows 8. The Windows 8 generic version release needs us to release many updates for many of its procedures.” These updates will affect Microsoft large-scale programs, which will run in Windows 8 system and Tablet PC platform Windows RT system. In addition, these updated procedures include the following ranges: SkyDrive (Microsoft’s online documentation system), E-mail, calendar, messages, photos, Bing, news, sports and other aspects. It is understood that Microsoft will have its programs had 50 places adjustments and changes, and Microsoft plans to continue updating these programs until the final release of windows 8.

Oct 052012

According to media reports, Microsoft executives confirmed on Wednesday that the company has begun to develop the next generation Windows 9 operating system.

Microsoft new Windows 8 system will be on sale this month, but the company has started the development of next-generation operating system. Although there is no official news, Microsoft partner technology director James Akrigg has recognized in the United Kingdom Misco Expo 12 exhibition, Windows 9 will be the next major project that the company will release.

When asked about the expectations on Windows 8, Akrigg replied: “Running has no problem, but I can not say that it (Win8) achieves perfect because we have set out to develop Win9.”

Interestingly, sources said that Microsoft is developing a called Windows Blue, a different Windows follow-up system, but it may be the first major upgrade version for the unreleased Win8.

Sep 282012

Intel announced details of the new chip technology, and it hopes this action will help the company to gain a firm foothold in the tablet market. At the meeting, Intel introduced the new tablet design, which is Windows 8 system-based and with its latest processor. In the past few years, Intel has been talking about the ultrabook, which is thin, deformable in design and using Intel chips. On Thursday’s news conference, what Intel introduced was different, it wants manufacturers to use its Atom chip to produce tablets.

Intel said the new tablet is mainly with Atom Z2760, which is the new name, and its code-named before is Clover Trail. The new processor is also called SoC in the industry, which is short for system-on-chip, including two microprocessor core logic circuits and Hyper-Threading technology supporting.

The system manufacturers can use Intel’s new chip to produce device which is only 1.5pounds weigh and 8.5mm thick. The chip uses a lot of energy-saving technology, so the battery life can reach up to 10 hours. In another mode, that is the connection standby mode, it can be using for 3 weeks at a time.

Erik Reid, general manager of Intel’s Application Processor Division, said: “This SoC energy saving is incredible.”

At the meeting, Intel demonstrated how Microsoft Windows 8 system will run on the new tablet, and also a number of programs designed for the touch interface. Some companies will launch tablets based on the new chip, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Samsung, ZTE, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Asus and LG Electronics.

Sep 282012

According to media reports, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said after using the company latest Windows 8 operating system which is scheduled to launch next month, “Windows 8 is a very exciting product and its release has a vital role for Microsoft. ”

Gates revealed in an interview with the Associated Press on Thursday, he has begun to use Windows 8, and it is very satisfying.

Windows 8 system is the product which Microsoft has made the biggest changes over the past decade on Windows system. The company is trying to continue to maintain its leading position today’s world where mobile devices have begun to fully beyond the PCs through this product.

“Company hardware partners are trying to take advantage of the new features of our products, which is a very important point,” Gates said.

Microsoft previously announced that Windows 8 operating system, as well as the new version Internet Explorer browser will be released on October 26.

Industry insiders estimate that Windows 8 will completely replace Windows 7 in almost all personal computers sold to consumers to become the flagship operating system, this system has had tremendous change in the user-machine interaction. Windows 8 has multiple versions, and in addition to the PCs, it can also run on the tablet PC and smartphone platforms.

Microsoft has become more than just a company who only develops computer operating system, Microsoft’s business scope also includes providing computer services for the enterprise and selling Xbox consoles for the gaming enthusiasts, but the Windows business is always the most important part in Microsoft business segments, and it also occupies Microsoft’s a large part revenue.

In 2011, Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live department received a total of $19 billion in revenue, accounting for 27% of total revenues of $69.9 billion.

Sep 262012

Intel CEO Paul Otellini criticized Microsoft Windows 8 system that this operating system is still flawed in meeting with employees in Taiwan, and accused Microsoft released the system before it is ready.

Otellini said Windows 8 still needs some improvements. But he also said, it is the right decision to release this operating system for Microsoft before a completely ready, because it helps Microsoft and PC makers in the crucial holidays to compete with Apple in the shopping season. He also said that Microsoft can make improvements after Windows 8 shipments.

Microsoft and Intel have been closely cooperated in the past few years, but the relations between the two sides get nervous during the Microsoft was developing Windows 8, it’s because Windows 8 will be the first Windows system running based on ARM architecture, and not all are based on the Intel x86 architecture. Recent the AMR version Windows RT operating system has been facing with defeat, such as Toshiba and Hewlett-Packard Company canceled production Windows RT equipments plan. At the same time, Windows 8 system is basically developing in accordance with established track, Intel has released a variety of tablet PCs and notebook designs based on this system, and plans to convene a tablet computer conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

Intel spokesman said in a statement on Tuesday, the company’s staff meeting is private, Intel will not disclose specific details. The spokesman said: “We continue to believe that Windows 8 is a comprehensive major opportunity, and we are excited about the prospect of ultrabook, tablet PCs and deformable notebooks new shape coefficient.

Microsoft plans to officially release the Windows 8 operating system on October 26, the company issued a statement and said it looked forward to allowing this system to become available next month. Microsoft spokesman said: “Windows 8 active trial number is as many as 16 million people, which is the best operating system in Microsoft history with most testings and evaluation, and preparation work.”

Sep 132012

According to latest news reports: Recently, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 appeared in the online store, the product architectural design is very unique, and it can provide a variety of different shapes, the specific price is not announced, allegedly it will start from the price of $1900.

According to reports, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 is configured with Core i7 processor, with SSD hard drive, 13.3-inch display, the screen can be wholly turned over, it supports the 10-point touch, pre-installed with Windows 8 system, with a 8-hour battery life battery, and it weighs 1.5 kg.

Aug 212012

Touchpad gestures operation is commonly seen in the use of notebook, but the U.S. Synaptics intends to offer a better touch experience for the releasing Windows 8 system . Synopsys is trying to enhance the user experience, and today they demonstrated the latest ForcePad technology, which additionally brings touch enhancement on the operation of multi-point gesture touchpad, and also add supports for force detection.

ForcePad uses pressure track to replace the traditional mouse clicks, which can effectively reduce the thickness of the touchpad. Traditional trackpad only provides a certain intensity of finger sliding and pressing, but ForcePad will continue to adjust its own investigation on the user touches pressing efforts to adapt to the user’s habits and provide users with the best touch experience. ForcePad supports up to 5 points touch, and Synopsys provides developers with a five-point touch gestures operation to enhance the experience of Windows 8 and its applications.

Synopsys gave a very interesting example in force detection, fast-forward in the video file, there is no need to increase the fast forward speed by continuous click, users need only to press fast forward and then continue to press, you can achieve fast forward speed changes. Once the fingers let go, the video returns to normal video playback speed.

The company also introduced a new keyboard technology, which is mainly designed for ultrabook. Synopsys calls it as “ThinTouch”, the key process is reduced to 2.5mm. In addition, the entire keyboard layout contains capacitive touch original, you can process similar to the touchpad gestures operation on the keyboard touch. Due to each key is designed closer to the bottom panel, the keyboard backlight will seem brighter.

Synopsys said these two technologies will be on display in 2013 netbooks, but they didn’t mention when it will be listed on the products to be applied. The first notebook usingĀ  ForcePad touchpad technology will be on appearance on CES 2013, so please concern about the press conference in January next year.