Oct 302012

The investment bank Pacific Crest Securities analyst said in a report on Monday, after Apple announced the launch of the iPad mini tablet PC last week, consumer interest in Google and Microsoft Tablet PC cooled, but it seems the Amazon Tablet PCs have been well prepared for strong performance in the fourth quarter.

The report cited the “Supply Chain dialogue” and said, Google Nexus 7 and Microsoft Surface Tablet PCs production orders have reduced by 34% and 14% in the current quarter, which is a incremental negative factor for Nvidia who provides Tegra microprocessor to it. The report also pointed out that the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet PC production is growing, production orders for the quarter may have grown 37%.

The report predicted that the Amazon Kindle Fire actually sold for end users will reach 11.3 million units this year, Surface will be 3.0 million units, Nexus will be 4.0 million units and Apple iPad will be 66.4 million units, lower than previously expected 7000 million units.

Pacific Crest Securities analyst Mike McConnell and John Vinh said in a report: “We think, Google Nexus 7 and Microsoft Surface order revise reflected a more cautious production , because Apple released the iPad mini and the upgrade iPad 3. ”

Apple released iPad mini last week. The iPad mini price is $329,lower than $ 500 which is the starting price of Surface Tablet PC, but much higher than $199 for the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire. Amazon is prepared to launch a larger display Kindle Fire later this month.

iPad mini will be sold in retail stores this Friday, but seen from the pre-order situation, this Tablet PC has been sold out. Apple said on its Web site, users who have ordered the iPad mini will receive the product after about two weeks.

Oct 292012

According to media reports, the white Apple iPad mini tablet computer had already sold out during booking period, the insiders expressed the iPad mini LTE version tablet computer that supports for LTE network may be available earlier.

Apple releasedthis 7-inch tablet iPad Mini earlier last week, the first batch Tablet PCswere sold out 20 minutes after released. The white iPad Mini Tablet PC contains the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB three models, it is now expected that the product shipment date will be two weeks after the order date, consumers who want to buy the white iPad Mini Tablet PC need to be prepared to wait in long lines for hours at Apple retail stores.

Report from the technology blog 9to5Mac indicated that the time Apple began shipping iPad mini LTE version tablet computer supporting the LTE network may also be earlier than expected, and it’s expected the product will reach consumers with fast shipping on November 21 this year. The iPad mini LTE “ready version Tablet PC” is priced from $459, while the WiFi version iPad Mini Tablet PC price starts from $329. After Apple released the iPad mini Tablet PC, there are reports that Apple may not be able to meet the market demand.The market research firm NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim said in an analysis report, although Apple has enhanced iPad Mini foundation partners, the display panel supply and demand problem will still limit the first shipment of the product.

From the view of the white iPad mini sold out, the iPad mini tablet PC market demand is strong. IHS reported recently that iPad mini may double the market size of the 7-inch tablet PC in 2012 and 2013, but this result is also influenced by market demand as well as Apple’s ability to meet market demand.

Oct 252012

ASUS held a new conference in New York and released its full range of windows 8 products, including notebooks, tablet PCs, and AIO equipments. Asus chairman Johnny Shih showed Asus new products, including dual screen Tai chi notebook, the touch screen VivoBook Series notebook, Zenbook ultrabook, VivoTab series tablet, Transformer Book deformable notebook and so on.

The Tai chi dual-screen notebook is the focus of the ASUS conference, it uses dual IPS HD touch screen design, 11.6-inch screen, Core i5/i7 processor, 4GB RAM, 128/256GB solid state drive, and it’s priced at $1,299, and will be on market in early November. The two screens can display same content and different content, and also it can be used as a tablet when closed the screen.

The VivoBook is newly launched series, and it has 11.6, 14 and 15-inch three sub-series, all using the touch screen, among which the 11.6-inch adopts Core i3 processor, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive S200.

The new Zenbook series are high-end ultrabooks adopting full HD resolution touch screen, and it’s targeted at high-end users.

The VivoTab Series is ASUS newly launched windows series tablet, including with windows RT system, Tegra3 processor and 10.1-inch screen VivoTab RT; using windows 8 system, Atom processor, 11.6-inch screen and with the stylus VivoTab tablet; and the use of windows 8, Atom processor, 10.1-inch screen and equipped with the Smart Keyboard Cover VivoTab Smart Tablet. The VivoTab RT weighs only 530g, and it is the lightest 10-inch tablet. It has 16 hours battery life with the base.

Transformer Book deformable laptop can remove the screen to become a tablet and it is currently the thinnest Core i7 tablet.

Although some products has unpublished price and time-to-market, with the official release of the Microsoft windows 8, Asus full line windows 8 devices will also be on sale soon.

Oct 252012

Microsoft will release Windows 8 soon in New York. There will display the Windows RT Tablet PC and other OEM manufacturers Windows 8 devices. Windows 8 will release four versions, the official retail price has not been announced, and there are only three upgrade programs. Windows 8 will be on sale simultaneously on October 26 in the global.

Four versions

Windows 8 will release four versions, namely Windows 8 (regular edition), Windows 8 Pro (Professional Edition), Windows 8 Enterprise (Enterprise Edition) and Windows RT (ARM version). The first two versions can be gained from retail channel, Enterprise Edition can only be purchased by registered users. Windows RT will be bundled with the hardware devices, not for separate retail.

Three upgrade programs

Previously, Microsoft announced in the official blog, users needs only $15 minimumly to upgrade to Windows 8. There are three upgrade options to be selected.

The following are detailed upgrade program:

1. Personal computer user who purchases notebooks pre-loaded with Windows 7 operating system between June 2, 2012 to January 31, 2013, can upgrade to Windows 8 Professional Edition with only $15, and this registered service will be closed on February 28, 2013.

2. If your PC is running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, you can download Windows 8 upgrade with $40, which is effective to 131 markets.

3. To buy the system in the shop, the upgraded Windows 8 Pro with DVD packaging is priced at $70, which is the promotional price. Windows 8 Pro upgrade promotion will end on January 31, 2013, you can purchase online or in a shop.

Oct 242012

According to media reports, the TechBargains.com site recently launched an investigation on whether the user is willing to buy Apple’s upcoming iPad mini, the results showed that one-third of the respondents don’t intend to buy iPad mini as it’s too small, one-fifth believed that the iPad mini price may be too expensive.

The findings also showed that 70% of respondents among those who have not decided whether to buy the iPad mini are considering whether they need a smaller iPad, 30% people believe that the iPad mini price may be too expensive, in those who plan to buy the iPad mini, a quarter said they want to replace the existing tablet PCs with smaller iPad.

The survey results show that 18% respondents plan to buy the iPad mini, 32% people did not decide whether to buy, 50% people do not intend to buy.

TechBargains.com website president and editor-in-chief Yung Trang said: “Seen from the results of this survey, when consumers are considering whether to buy the iPad mini, what they really care about are price and screen size. This smaller tablet PCs may not be sought after by consumers as Apple’s other products. ”

In respondents who plan to buy the iPad mini, 14% indicated that they plan to queue to buy the Tablet PC on the release day, one fifth plan to purchase online once the Tablet PC launched, 66% people have not determine the purchase time.

Oct 222012

A few days ago, Google sent an invitation to the media to participate in a press conference held in New York City on October 29. This Google news conference held in San Francisco is on the same day with Microsoft Windows Phone 8 press conference held in other areas in the world. TheNextWeb reports that it has learned all the information of the new products that Google will release on October 29. If this news is true, these new products will give people a deep impression. The report said that information is from the internal video presentation to Google employees.

According to reports, Google will launch the 32GB version of the previously launched Nexus 7 Tablet PC. This Tablet PC is produced by Asus, and it only has two versions that is with the Wi-Fi connection and with the Wi-fi/3G connection. Google will also launch 10-inch tablet. The tablet is code-named “Manta”, the exact name might be Nexus 10.

“Manta” screen resolution is 2560 x 1600, 300 pixels per inch, while the current iPad’s screen resolution is 264 pixels per inch. Google will also launch the LG Nexus 4 smartphones in the news conference, which is equipped with a resolution of 1280 x 768 4.7-inch display, a quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB RAM.

The “Manta” Tablet PC and the LG Nexus 4 smartphone will run the Android 4.2 operating system. Some new features in this operating system allow users to access Google Play store downloadable content and allows multiple users to share a tablet pc to allow these people to use their own e-mails and applications from mobile devices.

Oct 192012

It is understood that the new version Chromebook is equipped with Samsung own A15 architecture Exynos 5 dual-core processor, built-in 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, it is also equipped with a USB 3.0 interface. It’s with a 11.6-inch screen, the whole thickness is 2cm, and weighs about 1.1 kilograms, the start-up time needs only 10 seconds. This dubbed Chromebook product blurs the bounds between notebook and tablet PCs.

On 2011 Google I/O developer conference in May last year, Google announced the highly anticipated Chromebook laptop, however, on the occasion of the launch of Chromebook laptop, Google is not the holder of the relevant domain name ChromeBook.com. It is understood that the holder of the domain name ChromeBook.com displayed as “PrivacyProtect.org”, and the registered time is January 2011. In addition, another plural domain name ChromeBooks.com is not with Google holder, holders is temporarily unclear. Nos, both domain names ChromeBook.com ChromeBooks.com belong to Google, which should be gained by acquisition.

The notebook with Chrome OS is mainly used in Internet applications, the company hopes to promote the software market transition to cloud computing. Google will not take profit from the sales of this type equipments, only to gain income when the user uses Google services through the devices.

Oct 172012

According to media reports, the sources revealed to the media on Tuesday that Best Buy would also launch its own-produced Tablet PC, and it is expected that this tablet will be on sale on November 11.

The source said that Best Buy self-developed Tablet PC is also based on the Android operating system, code-named “Insignia Flex”. Currently, Best Buy is planning to set the selling price of the product between $239 and $259.

This tablet computer will compete with Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle.

Actually, later last week, Best Buy has shared related messages on its Facebook page.

The source said that the Tablet PC will be on sale on November 11, but only available in the Best Buy store. This tablet PC is configured with 1GHz dual-core processor, 9.7-inch display, and the battery life is approximately 10 hours.

However, the technology blog Businessinsider does not seem to be optimistic about Best Buy Tablet PC market prospects. The blog author said, producting the Tablet PC has become the trend at the moment, many companies are entering the field of Tablet PCs, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Google, Apple and Microsoft. Of course, Apple is still the leader of the tablet market, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are fighting for the second place.

Businessinsider article also said, Best Buy didn’t make enough effort in the field of Tablet PC, for a long time it also lost a lot of customers, thus the company also needs to try some new products in order to seek new channels to find customers. Nevertheless, Businessinsider article believes that the Best buy Tablet PC’s success probability may be zero, the reason is that the product not only lacks of calculation experience like Apple or Microsoft’s, but also lacks of Google’s software experience. In addition, Best Buy store is unlike the Amazon, which has strong release capacity

Oct 162012

According to  media reports, after down the price from $379 to $299, Amazon Kindle DX electronic reader will be eliminated. Kindle DX is configured with a 9.7-inch display.

The message said that Amazon no longer sells the Kindle DX, and they also doesn’t disclose when it will resume sales. It seems Amazon has removed the information related to the Kindle DX from its website. Amazon has deleted DX from the Kindle Series product line and all Kindle table.

The message pointed out that the Amazon practice clearly shows that the Kindle DX will be eliminated, Amazon has not upgraded the Kindle DX for several years, or advertise the Kindle DX in the media.

Amazon spokesman did not make any comment on Monday. The third-party businesses are still selling the Kindle DX.

Kindle DX release time is in the summer of 2009, and it has been on sale for more than three years. Compared with the Kindle, Kindle DX is configured with a larger size screen and storage capacity, but because of the higher prices, it has not been really favored by consumers.

Amazon released the Paperwhite version Kindle e-reader and HD version Fire Tablet PC last month.

Oct 152012

Microsoft officially accepted Windows 8 system reservation, while Dell also uses this opportunity to pre-sale its XPS 12 hybrid equipment. We first saw this device on IFA 2012 Conference at the end of August, you can now book it at a price of $1,199.99. XPS 12 is equipped with Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB hard drive and 12.5-inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution display.

Good configuration is necessary, but its rotatable touch screen is most attracting, you can feel free to transform into a Tablet PC or notebook, but it is about 3.5 pounds weight, which means it is a little bulky no matter used as the notebook or tablet computer.

In addition, Dell also upgraded the XPS One 27 Inspiron One 23 AIO laptops and introduced the touch-screen versions for consumers to choose. The XPS One 27 with touch screen will be priced from $1,599.99, it is equipped with a 27-inch and 2560 x 1440 resolution touch screen, 3.2GHz Core i5 processor, 6GB RAM and 1TB 7200 RPM hard. As to the Inspiron One 23, you can buy it with $779.99 dollars. It is equipped with 23-inch 1080p touch screen, Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM and 1TB 7200 RPM hard. All Dell Windows 8 touchscreen devices have accepted reservations, and will be shipped at the end of this month.