Nov 272012

In the view of the former Sun Microsystems engineer, the user usability guru Jakob Nielsen, Windows 8 most prominent problem is that it uses two different sets of interface at the same time, multi-window function missing, and flat visual style lead discoverability declined. He even asserted: Microsoft has committed a decision-making error by trying to integrate tablet and desktop sets interface into an operating system.

Nielsen made a further expression on his viewpoint when accepted the U.S. IT website Computerworld interview and in the renowned usability Blog Use It. He said, Microsoft has insufficient understanding in Tablet PC and desktop computer operating system, Microsoft’s decision is a pure and pute decision-making mistake, they can not use the same Windows in both tablet and PC. Windows 8 user availability is poor, extremely poor. ”

Nielsen also said, Windows 8 should not be forced to abandon the operation elements that users become accustomed to. Nielsen also does not agree on Metro style, as well as the low information density the style brings. Nielsen gave the following assessment on the Metro-style Bing Finance and the Los Angeles Times application using in Windows 8 platform :

“Even in a 10.6-inch tablet, Bing Finance Home can only accommodate a report and three share price. Nor is the Los Angeles Times, its home has only three headlines and an ad, in fact the headline news title can not be displayed in full, the summary has only seven words space. ”

Although Windows 8 is just released, the above questions Nelson mentioned are unable to be resolved through Service Pack or platform update. For application developers, they still have chance to adjust, improve and further innovation.

Nov 222012

We can predict the quad-core processor is not the end of the development of intelligent mobile phone, but it is hard to imagine there has manufacturer planning 8-core ARM chip product, and it’s said that it will debut on International Solid-State Circuits Conference in February 19th next year. The manufacturer is Samsung.

According to reports, Samsung 8-core chip program uses ARM ” big.LITTLE ” technology new products, that is to combine a quad core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A15 processor performance with a quad core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 processor energy-saving effect, so that one application software can achieve seamless switching between the two processors.

Allegedly, the Cortex-A7 will be made by the 28 nm process production line, and it will be 5 times smaller than the current Cortex-A8, but more efficient.

Although it sounds crazy, it’s visible that the next year’s intelligent mobile phone field and tablet pc area will have a greater improvement in terms of performance.

Nov 212012

According to market research firm Digitimes Research senior analyst James Wang expected, global tablet shipments in 2013 will reach 210 million units, an increase of 38.3% compared to 2012, and for the first time it will exceed the same period laptop shipments. James Wang also estimated, the brand tablet PC shipments will reach 140 million units.

It’s expected that Google will maintain its growth situation in the tablet market in 2013 with its Nexus series, and become the world’s second largest tablet PC brand vendor, Google’s tablet PC shipments will reach 19 million units. Apple will continue to lead the tablet PC market, but its share in the global brand tablet PC shipments will be slipped from 60% in 2012 to 55.6%, and its global tablet shipments share is 37.4%.

Due to the burst of unbranded tablet shipments, it’s expected that Android will surpass iOS to become the biggest tablet PC market platform. Digitimes Research expected Android tablet PC shipments will reach 121 million units, an increase of 40.2% than 2012.

Digitimes Research also predicted that the global tablet PC shipments will reach 320 million units by 2015, among which the brand tablet PC shipments will be 220 million units, and the unbranded Tablet PC shipments will be 100 million units.

Nov 142012

The Wireless Broadband Alliance announced a Wi-Fi hotspot market report issued by global market research firm Informa Telecoms&Media.The report pointed out that the total hotspot based on smart phones has now surpassed the total laptop connections, which is the first time in history.

The survey found that smartphone hotspot connections accounts for 40%, followed by laptops (39%), then it’s the fast-growing tablet PC (17%).

The survey also found that the future public Wi-Fi hotspots growth will be concentrated in four regions: large area outdoor hot zone such as parks, transportation hub such as airports and social places such as bars and cafes , while the local outdoor heat hot area such as the well-known tourist attractions is also expected to greatly increase.

The report also reported several factors that hinder the popularity and use of public Wi-Fi hotspots, including network authentication, universal roaming development standards and 3G/Wi-Fi interoperability.

The Chairman of the Wireless Broadband Alliance JRWilson said: “These findings suggest that public Wi-Fi has now become an important part of the user mobile experience, and it’s expected to rapidly develop with the upcoming next generation hotsopt deployment. The large carriers users to use Wi-Fi has significantly increased. To maintain this momentum, the operators must continue to work together and adopt open standards to establish a truly global Wi-Fi network. “

Nov 102012


ThinkPad officially launched its first rotated screen win8 ultrabook S230u Twist, which uses a 12.5-inch screen, and there are three different configurations to choose from.

ThinkPad S230u Twist provides users with four operation modes, which respectively are notebook computer model, tablet PC model, standing model and tent model, which realizes the free switch between tablet PC and notebook.

The S230u body is covered with Mocha black skin-like matt material. and it has a 12.5-inch IPS high-definition screen ( resolution of 1366 x 768), the brightness is up to 350 nits, it supports multi touch, and the screen can be freely rotated. The thinnest area is only 20 mm and it weights 1.58 kg.

This notebook has three configerations to choose from, respectively, with the core i5/i7 processor; 4GB/8GB (DDR3 1333MHz) memory; hard disk 500GB/32GB+500GB/128GB. Meanwhile, the S230u is equipped with complete interface, it has two USB3.0, Mini HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, an RJ45 and a 4-in-1 card reader. The battery life can reach up to 7 hours. thinkpad parts on sale at

In addition, ThinkPad S230u Twist is also configured with hardware and software specially designed for industry users.

Nov 072012

Recently, the Jolla company, founded basedon previous Nokia R&D team, announced to officially launch new version MeeGo system on Slush Technology Exhibition that will be held in Helsinki, Finland on November 21, the new version MeeGo system is code-named “Sailfsh”.

The Jolla invitation letters said, the company is planned tohold the new version MeeGo the system – Sailfish OS conference on November 21 in Helsinki, Finland, the conference will be promoted with the help of the Nordic and Russian regions largest technology exhibition Slush.

It is understood that, Jolla future will firstly promote the Sailfish OS phone products and Tablet PCs in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong market. The first Sailfish OS device  will be released in December, and then to be listed on the market in Europe and China successively.

The MeeGo operating system was launched by Nokia, Intel and other companies in early 2010, now it’s virtually a abandoned operating system by Nokia, Nokia is building the open source operating system for smart phones, and stopped the efforts and measures on MeeGo operating system..

Jolla has a number of former Nokia R&D team employees, and has been based on the MeeGo operating system deprecated by Nokia, absorbs this system user experience, to create its own operating system, in order to be able to support a variety of different types devices. The current R&D work has been able to let Jolla show the level of the user interface, as well as to demonstrate its difference from the current level mobile user interface.

The Slush exhibition creator Peter Vesterbacka said: “Slush has developed into the Nordic region’s largest corporate activities center. We are very pleased to see the popular innovative enterprises such as Jolla to use Slush as their major release activities place. “

Nov 062012

In the past few months, we have seen numerous Android system Tablet PCs appeared in the market with a variety of different sizes, 7 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and so on. Many people believe that the 10-inch Android Series is able to compete with the ipad, but so far most of these products have a lot of defects, Google Nexus 10 is likely to break the status, but why Google consumes so long time to launch their own 10-inch tablet PC? After all, we’ve seen a lot of brands such as Asus, Samsung, Acer, Motorola have launched similar products. Google Android, director of business development John Lagerling said on the New York Times interview,: “The past 10-inch tablet computers have price too high, and other inadequate, we need to observe what we can do.”

Nexus 10 is one of the most powerful Android Tablet PCs so far, and it has purest Android system experience, if it is to succeed, it is not surprising, how do you think?

Nov 052012

It is said that the computing speed of the fourth generation iPadbased on the A6X chip in dealing with a pure digital computing is about twice than the previous generation iPad, the graphics processing performance is also very good.

News that the new Tablet PC uses the quad-core PowerVR SGX554MP4 graphics processor, in theory, the processing speed is twice of the A5X based 543MP4 graphics processor, but its 3D performance actual performance relates to the theoretical processing speed but not absolute.

In the GLBenchmark run sub-test, the fourth-generation iPad ranked top, before when it was rumored Samsung would use a new chip architecture to produce Nexus, it’s generally considered the Nexus 10 will have a qualitative leap in the image processing speed, but the test result is not ideal. The Mail-T604 graphics processor Nexus 10 used got less score than the fourth generation iPad.

If only consider the game as well as the corresponding speed, regardless of its price, the fourth-generation iPad is slightly better than the Nexus 10.

Nov 022012

According to media reports, Apple’s new iOS devices sales is more impressive in shopping season, which involves at least four new products: the iPhone5, the fifth-generation iPod Touch, fourth-generation iPod Touch and iPad Mini.

In the past, there is a huge gap between the 3.5-inch Touch and the 9.7-inch iPad. Now the screen size involves four inches, 7.9 inches and 9.7 inches.

iPad Mini


It’s price is from $329, with a memory of 16GB (Wi-Fi version), the 4G LTE version is $130 higher than the regular edition.

Advantages: the right size; as portable as Kindle; fully compatible with all iPad and iPhone applications; good battery life; fairly low price.

Disadvantages: This is the only new iOS device without Retina Display, whose speed is not as faster as the updated and larger iPad.

Who should buy the iPad Mini? Obviously those who want to save money, because the cost of the equipment is less than the fourth-generation iPad. If you do not mind to have Retina Display, or are considering a second-generation iPad, or if you have children, or if you often take a commuter car, then the device is a good choice for you.

The fourth-generation iPad


Sales price is from $499, 16GB memory (Wi-Fi version), LTE version is also $130 higher than the regular version.

Advantages: fast speed; beautiful Retina Display and impressive game graphics.

Disadvantages: heavier; larger (relatively speaking), nearly the same with the previous generation iPad.

If you’ve never owned iPad, then the fourth-generation iPad is a good choice. This is an excellent portable device, a Tablet PC which is an easy to read and watch, also can become a “game machine”, in short, it is a multi-functional device. However, if you have a third-generation iPad, then there is no need to buy the fourth-generation iPad.

Recommended storage: Given the size of many high-definition video and gaming, 32GB or more memory.

Fifth-generation iPod Touch

Starting at $299, 32GB memory (Wi-Fi Edition), no LTE version.

Advantages: 4-inch Retina Display; camera with LED flash; good battery life, similar to the iPhone’s functions; 32GB memory; slim and small.

Disadvantages: speed not as fast as iPhone 5, no LTE version.

Who should buy the fourth-generation iPad? The iPhone users do not need to buy. It’s for those who are music lovers, like ultra-portable devices, large screens, large storage space, and want to buy the cheapest iOS devices. The device can be used as electronic readers and web browsers, but not as versatility as the iPad.

Recommended storage: If you want to play games or watching video, 32GB can. If used as a video camera, you need to 64GB.

To sum up: If you’re a Windows user, curious about the iOS, if you have a MacBook Air and iPhone, or if you want to use the best e-reader on the go, and then you can select the iPad Mini. If you already have an iPad, then also buy the iPad Mini. If you value speed and performance, or if you have a desktop and want a laptop, or you want to buy the first iPad and want to buy the best, you can select the fourth-generation iPad. If you want to save money, then select iPad Mini or consider the iPod Touch. If you are a melomania, but don’t have the iPhone, consider to buy the iPod Touch. If you only use for music, video and photo, considere the fourth-generation iPod Touch. If you want the best camera,  or you have a smart phone then buy the iPod Touch. If you want the Retina Display, but do not want to pay a lot of money, then you can consider the used third-generation iPad.

Oct 312012

Affected by the hurricane and cancelled the live conference, Google released the new Android 4.2 system through its official blog yesterday, together with the system-based Nexus smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet. The Android 4.2 will be available on the market together with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 two hardware products, it’s expected that the Galaxy Nexus , Nexus 7 and other equipment will also be updated in the near future.

The Andrews 4.2 follows its 4.1 version name “Jelly Bean”, the latest operating system has high similarity with Android 4.1, the more important detail technical adjustments include Photo Sphere panoramic camera, Keyboard gesture input, Miracast wireless display shared, gesture zoom screen, as well as voice output and gestures mode navigation features for blind users. A major highlight of this set Andrews 4.2 operating system is that it supports the industry standard WiFi display sharing tools Miracast, which allows Nexus 4 to transfer audio and video to TV streaming. While the set-top boxes for the existing TV Miracast are expected to be available soon.

In addition, the published products online include the fourth-generation mobile phone LG Nexus 4 of the Google Nexus Series, which is equipped with a 4.7-inch 1280*768 resolution screen, LG True HD screen display technology, powered by Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, a 8 megapixel rear camera and it supports wireless charging. Another new product is a Tablet PC Nexus 10 made by Google and Samsung, it uses the latest Android 4.2 system, the screen resolution is 2560×1600 pixels, which is the highest resolution product in the Tablet PC market.