May 172013

According to a new report, Microsoft will release the next generation of Surface RT tablet in June this year, which is priced between $ 249 and $ 299. More importantly, this second-generation Surface RT tablet will be equipped with an 8-inch touch screen. And also the next generation of the Surface RT tablet may use the Nvidia’s Tegra processor. “As the first generation of Surface RT tablet sales are weak, as well as the fierce competition in the 7-8 inches tablets market, most market watchers are conservative about the performance of the next generation Surface Tablet,” the report said.

It is reported that Microsoft will launch the 10-inch Surface 2.0 tablet in the third quarter of this year. The sources said in the view that Microsoft need to clear the inventory of the existing 10.6-inch Surface tablets, the size of Microsoft’s upcoming 10.x inches tablet may be less than the 10.6-inch, the new Surface tablet will be released in the third quarter at the earliest. “