Dec 202012

Although previously there are many external devices used to collect solar energy to power a notebook, this notebook designed by Andrea Ponti will be the first pure solar-powered laptop, also may be the most environmental protection notebook in the history.

The notebook will be configured with two solar panels: one is behind the display, and the other is below the touch keyboard, these two panels bear the important tast to continuously power the computer. It is not clear whether the test has succeeded, but it’s obvious that to use the computer in the sun is more power consumption than to use in the room. One possible solution is to use electronic ink display to replace the traditional backlit display.

It is reported that the notebook material is mainly polycarbonate, weighs about four pounds, and it had previously selected as the Fujitsu 2011 Design Competition contest.

It’s not clear if Fujitsu will actually produce this notebook. But it is clear they are not the only company which take the sunlight into account a computer design, last year Apple applied for a patent of collecting external light source to illuminate the display .

In Apple eyes, different angle folding reflectors can add the display brightness, and there are rumors that they are also considering solar cell integration into notebook.