Oct 092012

According to media reports, the Apple iPhone 5 demand has been quite strong. Three days after iPhone 5 release on the September 21 the shipment has been over 5 million units, Apple said.

But Apple’s component suppliers in Asia indicate that Apple fans may need to wait a longer time before buying the iPhone 5.

The Foxconn labor disputes upgrad[......]

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Sep 292012

According to data released on Friday by the mobile industry research firm CCS Insight, Nokia last month has cut the price of Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 15% and 10% down.

The CCS Insight analyst Digantam Gurung said, that Nokia lowered the price of the old version Lumia phone is not surprising, because the next generation Windows smartphones will be[......]

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Aug 312012

Market research firm IDC released research report on Thursday, it’s predicted that China will overtake the United States this year to become the world’s largest smartphone market. IDC expects demand for cheap smartphones based on Google Android operating system will increase.

IDC expects the Chinese smartphone market share will rise from 18.3% l[......]

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