Dec 032012

According to media reports, the technology blog Business Insider writer Julie Bort said on Sunday that Nokia was currently recruiting a Linux expert. Linux is the core of the Android operating system, and it led to a new round of rumors about Nokia is developing Android phones.

Taking into Nokia’s commitment to loyalty to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system in exchange for Microsoft € 1 billion a year subsidy consideration, developing Android phone no doubt makes the market surprised.

Nokia’s new phone Lumia 920 has gotten good evaluations, but many people still doubt whether this phone will be the Nokia and Microsoft required sensational product. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said last week that sales of Windows Phone handsets is four times than that of the same period last year, but he did not explicitly comment on the sales of Nokia products.

Windows Phone handsets sales have increased this year, but it is not enough to become the protagonist of the market. Nokia sold seven million Lumia phones globally in third quarter this year, but the technology blog Engadget reported that Lumia phone sales in the U.S. market is only 600,000. Although Windows Phone mobile phone sales volume growth doubled than the second quarter, the total share of the global smart phone market is still very little.

At the same time, it’s more likely that Microsoft is developing its own phone, just as the company is in the development of its own Tablet PC and PC. If Nokia can’t increase Windows Phone mobile sales in the short term, then the company’s most important partners Microsoft may be transformed into the biggest competitor. In this case, Android may become the only option for Nokia.

Nov 142012

The Wireless Broadband Alliance announced a Wi-Fi hotspot market report issued by global market research firm Informa Telecoms&Media.The report pointed out that the total hotspot based on smart phones has now surpassed the total laptop connections, which is the first time in history.

The survey found that smartphone hotspot connections accounts for 40%, followed by laptops (39%), then it’s the fast-growing tablet PC (17%).

The survey also found that the future public Wi-Fi hotspots growth will be concentrated in four regions: large area outdoor hot zone such as parks, transportation hub such as airports and social places such as bars and cafes , while the local outdoor heat hot area such as the well-known tourist attractions is also expected to greatly increase.

The report also reported several factors that hinder the popularity and use of public Wi-Fi hotspots, including network authentication, universal roaming development standards and 3G/Wi-Fi interoperability.

The Chairman of the Wireless Broadband Alliance JRWilson said: “These findings suggest that public Wi-Fi has now become an important part of the user mobile experience, and it’s expected to rapidly develop with the upcoming next generation hotsopt deployment. The large carriers users to use Wi-Fi has significantly increased. To maintain this momentum, the operators must continue to work together and adopt open standards to establish a truly global Wi-Fi network. “

Nov 072012

Recently, the Jolla company, founded basedon previous Nokia R&D team, announced to officially launch new version MeeGo system on Slush Technology Exhibition that will be held in Helsinki, Finland on November 21, the new version MeeGo system is code-named “Sailfsh”.

The Jolla invitation letters said, the company is planned tohold the new version MeeGo the system – Sailfish OS conference on November 21 in Helsinki, Finland, the conference will be promoted with the help of the Nordic and Russian regions largest technology exhibition Slush.

It is understood that, Jolla future will firstly promote the Sailfish OS phone products and Tablet PCs in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong market. The first Sailfish OS device  will be released in December, and then to be listed on the market in Europe and China successively.

The MeeGo operating system was launched by Nokia, Intel and other companies in early 2010, now it’s virtually a abandoned operating system by Nokia, Nokia is building the open source operating system for smart phones, and stopped the efforts and measures on MeeGo operating system..

Jolla has a number of former Nokia R&D team employees, and has been based on the MeeGo operating system deprecated by Nokia, absorbs this system user experience, to create its own operating system, in order to be able to support a variety of different types devices. The current R&D work has been able to let Jolla show the level of the user interface, as well as to demonstrate its difference from the current level mobile user interface.

The Slush exhibition creator Peter Vesterbacka said: “Slush has developed into the Nordic region’s largest corporate activities center. We are very pleased to see the popular innovative enterprises such as Jolla to use Slush as their major release activities place. “

Oct 242012

According to media reports, the market research firm Forrester said in a report, affected by the Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems, smart phones and tablet PCs make Microsoft computing device operating system market share decline to about 30% from approximately 70% 4 years ago.

In order to reverse the decline of the operating system market share, Microsoft will release Windows 8 system later this week. The era of Microsoft’s dominant operating system market has passed and the operating system market will be divided by a number of companies.

Forrester vice president and principal analyst Frank Gillett said, “The operating system market will not be dominated by an operating system, or a company in future, Microsoft is too late to entry into the mobile market and has lost the dominant position.” Despite unlike RIM, Palm and Nokia slipped into a spiral, but Windows is no longer the king of the computing device operating system.

Windows market share decline was mainly due to large numbers of mobile devices running Android and iOS systems. Android will continue to lead the smartphone market, while Apple’s iOS software will continue to dominate the tablet market, Microsoft will continue to control the PC market.

Gillett said, “Despite a dominant position in the smartphone market, we believe that Google has missed the opportunity to develop in the Android Tablet PC market. The Android platform Tablet PC applications are not enough. Nexus 7 have some help, but there is no evidence that Google has had a major turning point in the Tablet PC market. Windows will have some success in the Tablet PC market, to reach 27% market share in 2016, due to the large PC user base, close relationship with corporate IT departments, Android Tablet pc is not strong enough. ”

Enterprises will be required to face three different types operating systems, rather than just an operating system of Microsoft. The main reason for this problem is employees use their own smart phones and tablet PCs in the workplace.

Sep 272012

Recent news that the U.S. operator AT&T will train the employees in the stores how sell Windows 8 tablets and WP8 smart phones from September 30 to October 16, and it’s said one of the Windows 8 tablets is Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, which supports for AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

According to the latest report that the ThinkPad Tablet 2 price is $799, but the two years contract price should still be quite cost-effective if cooperating with AT&T. And according to the sources products sold at the same time include Samsung and Acer Windows 8 products, but so far AT&T competitors, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile did not disclose any related details.

Sep 172012

HP has not publicly acknowledged that they have given up WebOS, but this company has proven it with practical action, Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman acknowledged in an interview last Thursday that HP is planning to launch a new smart phone, regardless of Andrews or WP, this new mobile phone operating system will never be WebOS.

While some optimists believe that HP revisiting phone is the WebOS return signal, but this is obviously a wishful thinking, Apotheker had expelled the WebOS team leaders in order to peel WebOS business, and Meg Whiteman has directly fired nearly 500 employees, before HP rebuilds the team, the new smart phone will never run WebOS.

Another evidence is that Whitman confirmed to re-launch the Tablet PC news on HP’s third-quarter earnings conference held in late August, it was thought as the first step of the WebOS regression, but what eventually appeared in North American TV advertising product is HP’s Windows Tablet PC.

HP’s new smartphone should be equipped with the Android system, after all, between Android and WP, the former is with more market influence, this choice is also same with Lenovo , Acer, Dell and other PC makers. Of course, in the future, HP will become a menber of the WP camp, like other PC makers.

The confused management and severe operating condition are the main reasons why Hewlett-Packard has to give up WebOS. It is not easy to create a sound ecological system, and that means a huge risk and investment.

It is difficult to predict what change HP can bring to the mobile phone market, but what change HP can bring to WebOS system can be guessed. The Palm and its team that HP had $1.2 billion to acquire has been completely turned into the abandoned metal scraps after three generations of leaders vacillating. It’s not only unable to create brilliant, even  it may exit the stage of history.

In a sense WebOS still remains, HP will also introduce the original version product of this operating system at regular intervals, but because of the lack of strong products built, WebOS is like Intel’s abandoned Meego generally which exists in name only.

Of course, if the HP business continues in crisis and when Meg Whitman can fire nobody, perhaps WebOS will be sold to other manufacturers at a cheap price, so that the operating system may revitalize .

Sep 142012

According to media reports, Hewlett-Packard president and CEO Meg Whitman said on Thursday that HP will eventually launch a smart phone, but the company has no intention to acquire Canadian smartphone maker RIM.

Whitman said in an interview withFox Business Network on the same day: “We are working in this area, we must finally launch a smart phone, because in many countries around the world, the first computing device local consumers buy is the smartphone … while HP itself is a computing device manufacturer. ”

When asked the issues whether HP intends to acquire all or part of the assets of troubled RIM, Whitman said: “We will not do this, and it is not the direction we plan to develop.”

Whitman has long served as eBay CEO, and served as HP’s CEO last year. Since then she developed a business restructuring plan for HP, and the time period is 5 years. Whitman said on Thursday this restructuring plan has been completed about 20%. She also expected that HP’s various businesses will show signs of gradual growth next year.

Sep 062012

According to media reports, the South Korean antitrust agency the Fair Trade Commission announced on Thursday that the committee is working on the investigation which Apple sued Samsung Electronics has abused its dominant position in wireless technology field.

Currently, Samsung Electronics and Apple are processing patent infringement litigation in 10 countries, because the two companies are fighting for the flourishing smart phone market share. In August this year, a jury in San Jose, California federal court ruled that Samsung Electronics copied the key features of Apple’s iPhone, and ruled that Samsung Electronics need to pay Apple $1.05 billion in compensation. The jury also ruled that Apple did not infringe Samsung Electronics patent.

The Fair Trade Commission is currently investigating whether Samsung Electronics abused its rule on the wireless technology patents and unfairly compete in the market. The Fair Trade Commission officials said at the beginning of this year, Apple submitted the complaint.

Samsung Electronics committed in 1998 that they will be fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory to have it’s own 3G patents licensed to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Samsung Electronics has repeatedly said that the company has been assumed office its commitment to reasonably authorize its patents related to telecommunications standards.