Jun 282013

June 28 message, the Chinese have an old saying: Hunger breeds discontentment. The most important center of a home is not the living room or a bedroom, but the kitchen which grasps the whole family eat and drink, so the kitchen multifunction and entertainment is the trend.

Today we recommend a Samsung newly launched refrigerator with wireless access to Internet-Samsung Wireless ICE Refrigerator, which is currently priced at $ 3,500.

This volume of this refrigerator is 26.1 cubic feet, the body panel is equipped with a detachable 10.4 inches LCD screen, and a touch-operated digital calendar, the control panel and electronic sticky notes. This Samsung refrigerator has built-in sound system and digital AM/FM radio, and you can set food expiration alerts.

Most importantly, this detachable LCD panel can be connected to the user’s entertainment system via WIFI, so you can listen to music and watch the movie while cooking, which makes cooking become a pleasure.