May 082013

According to media reports, Samsung plans to launch a smartphone called Galaxy S4 Zoom to further expand the Galaxy S4 product line. The phone uses a 16-megapixel camera, which focuses on strengthening the shooting performance and it will be Samsung’s first camera phone.

Previously, there were media reports that Samsung is about to launch the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Active two additional products, the latter is a Galaxy S4 with three anti functions, and it has been officially confirmed by Samsung. And with the exposed Galaxy S4 Zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S4 series will have four models.

Allegedly the code of the Galaxy S4 Zoom is SM-C1010, and it’s with 16 megapixel camera (the Galaxy S4′s is 13 megapixel). The Zoom photosensitive element is similar to the Galaxy Camara’s released at the end of last year.

But this does not mean that the S4 Zoom is more high-end than existing flagship models. Reported that the former screen size is 4.3 inches (S4, 5 inches), and the processor of the device will be the same as the Anglo-American version S4′s (Snapgragon 600), or just dual-core.

Reported that the Galaxy S4 Zoom release date is expected to be in June or July this year, and it has black and white two color versions.