Nov 152012

Android experts have turned their attention to the Samsung Galaxy Camera that recently announced code, and tried to hack its system to let it become a real phone.

Samsung officially published the Galaxy Camera source code on Samsung’s source code a few days ago before its release in the United States, and it’s labeled as phone EK-GC100, which runs Android 4.1 system (jelly beans). Galaxy Camera has no call module, but it can be connected to 3G/4G or WiFi network, and then run softwares like Skype through speaker and microphone, which has blurred the line between the cameras and mobile phones.

In the XDA Developer Forum, Android hackers and developers want to change this 16 million-pixel camera into a full-featured mobile phone. They have reached a general consensus, to change the Galaxy Camera into a phone which can make calls via 3G/4G or WiFi, it’s just a matter of time, although no one has announced the success.

If possible, will you use an Android camera to make phone calls?