May 212013

The new Sailfish OS smartphone officially released created by the MeeGo original team Jolla. After nearly waiting for a year time, the Sailfish OS has officially been unveiled, and also the first mobile phone equipped with the new system also officially released.

The Sailfish OS system is formerly known as MeeGo, which was given up by Nokia after they launched the MeeGo system N9. Then Jolla created the new Sailfish OS based on it. The smartphone uses a 4.5-inch touch screen, it’s equipped with dual-core processor and 16GB ROM and it supports for LTE 4G network. The back of the device is with a 8-megapixel camera with auto-focus function. Jolla said the new system will be compatible with Android applications, and it’s priced at 399 euros,

The Jolla smartphone design is clean and simple, and the user can customize the cellphone case. The user can select the shell color going with Sailfish user interface. This feature is called “the other half”, which is also the advertising slogan of this smartphone.

Jolla said the phone will be listed before the end of this year. However, because the listed time is still relatively early, so the specific sales policy has not been revealed too much.