May 162013

If you like taking pictures underwater, but not willing to spend a high price to buy three anti mobile phones, then the gadget described below may be suitable for you. A few days ago, Polaroid launched a new XS80 HD action camera, which can be applied to any shooting scenes to meet the high standards shooting requirements. When it comes to underwater photography, although many three anti-mobile phones claim to support underwater shooting, due to the characteristics of the capacitive screen, they are difficult to play normal function underwater, screen failure is a normal thing.

The XS80 is with ergonomic shape design and rugged enclosure, and it can work well even in the 10 meters underwater. It is equipped with physical buttons and 120-degree wide-angle lens, and it maximumly supports shooting 16 megapixel photos and 1080p full HD video.

In addition, the XS80 is also with a weight sensor, which can automatically rotate the shooting screen and it has anti-shake technique to avoid vague effect when taking photos and videos. It is worth mentioning that the XS80 weighs only 110 grams, which is much lighter relative to other underwater cameras.

Currently the XS80 is priced at $ 129.99, and it’s with 32GB built-in memory card.