Aug 212012

U.S. District Judge William Alsup required Oracle and Google to provide the paid review individual authors and group identity, the two companies disclosed paid writers and the name of the organization on Friday.

Google listed a long list of paid writing articles organizations, while the Oracle only listed the blog FOSS Patent Florian Mueller and Stanford University Professor Paul Goldstein.

Florian Mueller had announced collected Oracle expenses on behalf of the author as early as in April this year. Prior to that, he admitted to charge the cost of Microsoft and other companies to provide “advisory services”. While it that Oracle disclosed that they paid for his ghostwrite calls into question of the credibility of his blog, many websites had quoted his view on Oracle and Google Copyright and patent disputes.

Google disclosed list includes many of the top agencies in the fields of artificial intelligence, networking, privacy and security, among which are academic researchers from Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford University. In addition, Google also lists the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Interactive Advertising Bureau and Creative Commons.

Google also disclosed that they had ever paid to the Democratic Party and the Republican Governors Association. But Google insisted that they never bribed anyone that gives reports or comment on Google and Oracle case.