Nov 162012

In 1981, Osborne 1, the world’s recognized first notebook computer was exhibited in West Coast Computer Fair for the first time. It has 64K bytes memory, a 5-inch screen, 5.25-inch floppy drive, it is worth mentioning that it weighs 24 pounds and it was priced at $1,795.

Osborne 1 has built-in 5 black and white monitors, uses Zilog Inc. Z80A processor, 64K bytes memory, 4K bytes ROM and also 5.25″ floppy disk drive, IEEE-488 interface, RS-232C interface, Modem interface and detachable full-size keyboard.

In April 1981, Osborne invented the world’s first laptop computer, the one who leaded the research and development was the Osborne company’s founder Adam Osborne, who had worked as a reporter, and later abandoned the reporter for a supplier. Once upon a time, Osborne was considered same figure as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Apple founder Steve Jobs. Osborne computer company was also the fastest growing company in Silicon Valley history. However, because the concept was too advanced, the company disintegrated in business less than 30 months. Osborne made a lot of false promises on technology, and the announced release date of the product was also at a far distant date, now the industry¬† calls the situation as “Osborne effect”.