May 202013

The OLPC XO tablet was displayed in the CES show in January it the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the displayed version is not the final version. There are only a few weeks time from the officially list time of the XO tablet on June 1.

The XO is designed by Vivitar, which is carefully selected by the retail partner Wal-Mart, the manufacturer is very sensitive to price, so they can produce high cost-effective product.

The OLPC has some minor adjustments in the software, it runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean system, so you can use more pulley function in the operation of the “I want to be an …” UI, so it can bring the children with the experience of the dream jobs, such as astronauts, artists, doctors etc. In addition, it is equipped with extremely simplified interface for the young, the tablet will be pre-installed 200 apps (100 English apps and 100 Spanish apps) and 200 books (100 books in English, 100 Spanish instruments).

In addition, the green rubber sleeve also has some changes by adding a hook-like hand ring as well as a more pronounced texture on the back shell, so the children can better grip the tablet. And the tablet itself is very strong, which can withstand some careless splash, but it is only 7 inches in size, so it’s very convenient for the kids to carry.

On June 1, the tablet will be sold in Wal-Mart’s official website, the Wal-Mart stores will also have limited sale on July 1, and more retailers will start selling this product in the future.