May 072013

Although Nokia had previously revealed the attitude not to follow the big-screen smartphone, it seems not to be the case. In addition to British media reports that Nokia may release the 6.0-inch cross-border tablet phone, message from the website WPbar that, Nokia may launch a new device Lumia 625 with 4.7-inch touch screen, snf the fastest to be released in the next week’s London conference.

According to the news disclosed by website WPbar, in the conference held in London next week, in addition to launch the flagship Nokia Lumia925, Nokia may also release a low-end model. Allegedly the model of the device is Nokia Lumia625, which will be launched as a Nokia Lumia620 follow-up model, and its biggest feature is loaded with a 4.7-inch touch screen.

However, WPbar also said this 4.7-inch device may not appear in the London conference. But if we will not see this Nokia Lumia625 at the London conference, then Nokia may officially launch it about in June.

The device will be with Qualcomm S4 MSM8960 dual-core processor, and Windows Phone 8 system. There is message that the device supports only 800*480 pixels resolution, which seems to be consistent with the Nokia Lumia625 market positioning.

If it will be released in May or June, then it may be equipped with the latest WP8 GDR2 firmware version. According to media reports, GDR2 update will bring functions such as double tap to wake the screen, FM function regression, lock screen clock, and Nokia’s exclusive Smart Filters.

Of course, the above message are all rumors, the authenticity needs to be further verified.