Apr 052013

There is media exposed the pictures of Nokia’s next-generation flagship phone Lumia 950, and some of the detailed technical parameters. The Lumia 950 will continue to use the windows phone operating system and is equipped with AMOLED display.

The media said this Lumia 950 prototype appearance was sent to their e-mail, including some related messages. In their judgment, this photo should be with no problem, but the question is that there is a key of the Windows Phone representative graphical below, which feels like mixed into, and the sharpness is very high. And it may be made out by 3D rendering, which is not easy to distinguish between true and false.

The whistleblower said the Nokia Lumia 950 adopts the AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280 X 768, it has Xenon flash and 2GB RAM, and there will be with a powerful battery life.