Mar 152013

Recently everyone is concerned about Motorola X Phone, and the related speculations are endless. And today a not released Motorola Android new machine exposed, it is not the rumored X Phone, but a XT912A model suspected new Motorola Android machine.

The new product is equipped with a 720p 4-inch screen, S4 Pro processor and Adreno 320 GPU. But it’s only with a non-removable 2000mAh battery. The narrow and rounded design is very similar with the HTC One.

On the back, the mobile is with a non-removable rear cover, and also it’s not with the Motorola’s iconic Kevlar material. The entire back is very sleek and radians, which is completely different from the Razr series caltrop distinct feeling. And the price and the time-to-market have not been exposed.