Jul 052013

There have been a lot of rumors of the first user customizable mobile phone Moto X, just after the Internet leaked the colored back cover of the device, the site SlashGear gave the latest Motorola publicity images, which confirmed Moto X does exist a variety of colors and will be officially released on August 1.

Seen from the propaganda map, t[......]

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Jul 032013

There has been reports that Motorola will release the DROID ULTRA series new devices, but now it seems rumors have been confirmed by Motorola officially, on the latest “DROID ULTRA” exclusive page, Motorola uses “Think Thin” to describe the new model is more slim.

Although it is unclear what this new device look like, Motorola still marks re[......]

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Jun 172013

After several months rumors, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside finally confirmed the existence of Moto X at AllThingsD conference, but he did not disclose any details. But yesterday, the @evleaks broke the part of the phone configuration information through his Twitter.

According to @evleaks, Moto X is equipped with 1.7GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snap[......]

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