Apr 222013

The U.S. technology blog has released an article that Benedict Evans signatured, the sales of the Microsoft’s Tablet PC Surface has exceeded the Google Nexus 10′s. This data reflects the future direction of development of the Microsoft notebook and tablet PC market.

The tablet PC sales data is not easy to statistics. For Nexus 10, Evans used its unique screen size to track it and calculated based on the total number of Google users. Evans estimated that the total number of users of the Nexus 10 is about 680,000.

On the other hand, the Bloomberg had reported that Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro sales are 1.5 million units, which is in line with most analysts’ expectations. This means the Surface Tablet PC sales are better than the Nexus 10′s.

For Google, this result may be of little significance. The Nexus series products are mainly for geeks and developers, they only need to provide the Nexus series products to the programmers, as well as some influential people. Google is to promote all Android Tablet PCs, more users and attention will be conducive to Google’s earnings.

But for Microsoft, the results of this comparison is somewhat subtle. There is no doubt that as a brand, Surface sales are much lower than the iPad. However, the Surface Pro  was sold 40 million units after listed for a month time, and it has a good profit margin at the price of $ 500.

Indeed, the production of the Surface Pro is not very high, when the iOS platform provides a variety of options, the Surface is not very attractive. But if Microsoft can increase the sales of Surface Pro in 2013 to make the sales volume up to 4 to 5 million units, then the Surface series products will bring a steady income.

For Google, the Nexus 10 is almost just a technology demonstration platform. But the Surface represents the future of Microsoft, Surface sales will be a key part of Microsoft’s strategy for the future. The reason why the Surface sales are better than the Nexus 10 is that Microsoft covers more developers and geeks, but Microsoft also needs to further promote this product and to create a suitable platform in the new mobile computing era.

Dec 052012

Recently rumors about Microsoft Surface Pro tablet undoubtedly bring more pressure to the hardware manufacturers, the traditional laptop is increasingly developing to diversified trend. The documents from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission show that, Gigabyte may launch a 11-inch rotating screen notebook computers based on the Windows 8 platform.

According to reports, this product coded U2142 most important feature is that it has a rotatable 11.6-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1336 × 768. Seen from the picture,  it can use as a Tablet PC if the screen is flipped. The product is equipped with the Intel Core i3 or i5 processor, 256GB mSATA solid state drive or 1TB mechanical hard, with a chiclet keyboard and a larger touchpad. The body thickness is 21mm and it weighs 1.5 kg. The CNET Asia site revealed that they already have operating experience of this rotating screen notebook, although the configuration details are not yet clear, its price may be for a minimum of $999.

Oct 182012

Although there are many versions rumors, but that Microsoft yesterday disclosed the price of its own brand first Tablet PC Surface shocked the industry, as its 16G, 32G, 64G price is exactly the same with Apple’s latest generation equivalent version ipad. Different from Apple’s indifference to the Chinese mainland market, Surface chose to launch first in the Chinese mainland market, Suning becomes Microsoft Surface exclusive online sales platform in China.

Industry was originally expected that Microsoft will unveiled the price of the Surface officially on October 26 same day as Windows 8′s, but Microsoft disclosed the price of the Surface in advance, and also announced the Surface pre-installed the Windows RT version began a limited pre-order, the industry thoufgt that the software giant which has always been quite satisfactory also began to pay attention to the marketing strategy.

Its Surface pre-installed Windows RT sales price is exactly the same with wifi version Apple new ipad price released in March of this year in the U.S. market, including 16G, 32G , 64G are separately $499, $599 and $699, lower than the minimum price the industry had expected.

Oct 152012

Google, chairman Schmidt was asked in an interview if Google would launch a new map application for Apple devices. Schmidt did not confirm that, but said “We do not want to pre-announce before the product is launched, but what I can tell you is that if we really do, Apple will have to accept.”

The four platforms mentioned before: Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, he still did not change his views. He said Facebook is trying to become the world’s communication hub, Amazon will become the largest store, while Apple and Google, respectively, are good at design and search work. They both compete and cooperate in many areas, but now the competition is beyond a particular area, and it has become a competition between the whole platform.

As for why did not include Microsoft, Schmidt responded: “Microsoft has done a good job, but it has exited the platform competition asit can’t take competitive products. But if Microsoft Surface Tablet PC can be successful, then it would certainly have significant impact. ”

However, for the acquisition of Motorola mobile, Schmidt said Google wouldn’t have any preferential treatment to it, because Google wanted more partners. He said waht the society really needs is innovation, not plagiarism. Google driverless car and GoogleGlass are innovative, but in what situation when these two technologies used by others is still unknown, but Google will figure out.

For the future products and technology trends, he stressed the mobile-first strategy and Google AI, what Google needs to do is to make people’s lives as well as accessing to information, more intelligent, as to how long to achieve it, he said he would follow the 80/20 rule, which we did not find out that the 20% is the most important part.

Aug 142012


When Microsoft launched its Surface tablets, a lot of observers were skeptical about its move, saying that it was a “mistake” to compete with its traditional hardware partners. While perceived as an awkward stance, the Microsoft position is actually not about competing with hardware sales in my opinion. Instead, I think that Microsoft wants to set the bar and make sure that its partners can match or even surpass its own tablet. What Microsoft wants is to make sure that Windows 8 for ARM architecture provides a great experience, and as one would say: if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.
In any case, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung are jumping on the train, and they obviously think that there is room for innovation in that space. Take the Asus Tablet 600 that runs on Windows RT. It is basically a Transformer Prime which runs on Windows 8 RT.

As for the user experience, Microsoft clams battery life of 8 to 13hrs for video playback, and stand by times of 320 to 409 hours. This is consistent with the battery capacity which is 1.5X higher than the iPad 2′s. Also, all the Windows 8 RT tablets that I have seen have a standard resolution, so none of them will be a power hog like Apple’s retina display is (even if it is beautiful!). Yet, I expect to continue seeing cutting-edge hardware from Samsung on the Android platform – for now.

Pretty much anyone can test Windows 8 today by downloading the pre-release version. However, users are very anxious to see how the battery life and overall system performance will be on ARM chips. At the moment, the user interface seems absolutely fluid and all, but still – this is something that can only be tested in the real-world.

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