Apr 222013

The U.S. technology blog has released an article that Benedict Evans signatured, the sales of the Microsoft’s Tablet PC Surface has exceeded the Google Nexus 10′s. This data reflects the future direction of development of the Microsoft notebook and tablet PC market.

The tablet PC sales data is not easy to statistics. For Nexus 10, Evans used i[......]

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Dec 052012

Recently rumors about Microsoft Surface Pro tablet undoubtedly bring more pressure to the hardware manufacturers, the traditional laptop is increasingly developing to diversified trend. The documents from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission show that, Gigabyte may launch a 11-inch rotating screen notebook computers based on the Windows 8[......]

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Oct 182012

Although there are many versions rumors, but that Microsoft yesterday disclosed the price of its own brand first Tablet PC Surface shocked the industry, as its 16G, 32G, 64G price is exactly the same with Apple’s latest generation equivalent version ipad. Different from Apple’s indifference to the Chinese mainland market, Surface chose to launch fi[......]

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Oct 152012

Google, chairman Schmidt was asked in an interview if Google would launch a new map application for Apple devices. Schmidt did not confirm that, but said “We do not want to pre-announce before the product is launched, but what I can tell you is that if we really do, Apple will have to accept.”

The four platforms mentioned before: Google, Apple,[......]

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Aug 142012


When Microsoft launched its Surface tablets, a lot of observers were skeptical about its move, saying that it was a “mistake” to compete with its traditional hardware partners. While perceived as an awkward stance, the Microsoft position is actually not about competing with hardware sales in my opinion. Instead, I think that Microsoft[......]

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