Dec 062012

According to media reports, in order to attract the younger consumer groups and expand into the emerging markets, Nokia launched the Lumia 620 yesterday in the LeWeb Science and Technology Conference held in Paris, the Lumia 620 has seven colors, and it’s now the lowest priced Windows Phone 8 phones.

This entry-level Windows Phone 8 mobile phone screen is 3.8 inches, and the pixel is 800 × 480, it supports touch-screen and the camera is with a 500 million pixels, the front camera is VGA, it has a 8Gmemory and supports SD card expansion.

But the biggest highlight of the Nokia Lumia 620 is a colorful body design, consumers can choose their favorite models from green, orange, red, yellow, blue, white and black 7 different color versions.

Nokia Lumia 620 is priced at about $249, which is the cheapest Windows Phone 8 mobile phone now available in the market. Nokia Lumia 620 will be on sale  in January next year, amd it will be sold first in Asia, followed by Europe and the Middle East, Nokia did not indicate whether the Lumia 620 would be sold in the U.S. market at the conference site.