May 062013

The @evleaks has burst new message. And this time the exposed is a large-screen LG mobile phone, which uses a new design style, and the most notable feature is that there is no physical button in the front side.

It’s speculated that this phone may be the being produced Optimus G2, or the next generation of Nexus phone. However, according to evleaks, the device’s screen size is 5.5-inch, which is the same as the Optimus G Pro’s. If this is a Nexus phone, then the screen size should not be so radical.

Speaking of the screen, we can see from the picture, this device’s screen edge is with the curved surface design, which is similar with the Nexus 4/Optimus G. We all know that last year’s Nexus 4 is produced based on the Optimus G design, maybe this year’s is also the case.