Dec 192013

There is now a multi-functional tablet that is both comfortable to use and budget friendly. It’s called a Yoga Tablet 8, and it’s part of Lenovo’s ultra-light line of computer devices. This new, multimode tablet PC performs like a laptop, but is lightweight and easy to carry and hold like a tablet.


Yoga Tablet 8 Key Features

Although smaller than its 10-inch counterpart, the mildly priced Yoga Tablet 8 stands out from similar devices. It has a built-in hinge mechanism so you can use it flat or at a 90-degree angle for better movie watching, or for use as a laptop with a Bluetooth keyboard (not included). If you are considering putting this on your list of gift ideas, make sure you check out these specs:

-          Eight-inch, 10-point touch screen with 1280×800 resolution

-          Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system

-          Comes with either 16GB or 32GB of memory

-          MediaTek MTK 8125 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 (1.20GHz 533MHz 1MB) processor

-          GB of LPDDR2 800 MHz RAM

-          1.6MP front-facing camera

-          5MP rear-facing camera

-          Micro SD card slot that supports up to a 64GB card

-          Long-life 6,000 mAh battery

While the specs seem promising, it’s the functionality and design that sets this tablet PC apart from its competitors. Additional features include:

-          Relatively lightweight at .88 pounds

-          Double Digital Plus front-facing speakers

-          Design offers better grip and weight distribution, which makes it easy to hold

-          Its “Smart Side Bar” slides out to hold the shortcuts of apps that were recently viewed as well as a toggle for a variety of modes

-          The grip and built-in hinge mechanism allows users to choose between Hold, Stand or Tilt mode

-          It is constructed from a metal/faux-metal plastic combination


Yoga Tablet 8 Software Options

While the Yoga Tablet 8 gives users a typical Android experience, it also comes with an interesting bundle of apps and navigational options including the maps program Navigation 6, the standard set of Google apps, a power management app and Norton’s mobile security app. It also comes with a free version of Kingston Office.

Additional navigational options include standard Home and Back buttons, as well as a three-dot menu so users can preview all available home screens, add home screen widgets and change the Wallpaper and Theme.


Great Gift Idea

When compared to other tablets on the market, the Yoga Tablet 8 is mildly priced and more affordable than similar devices. The Lenovo device makes a great holiday gift for everyone including teens and college students. The long battery life makes it a great travel companion, and its multimode Hold, Stand and Tilt functions are what make it stand out from other tablets. For less than $300, this tablet is a good buy, especially if this is a user’s first tablet.

Tim Alan is a freelance writer and editor for FreshlyTechy who covers technology topics online and in print. Follow him on Twitter.