Nov 212012

According to media reports Amazon plan to sell Kindle e-book reader in the Chinese mainland market was suspended. Earlier there were reports saying, Amazon has suspended to launch the Chinese version Cloud Drive service, which is also considered as key factor to sell Kindle.

Amazon has not officially announced plans to sell Kindle in China, but earlier this month, media report said, there were indications that Amazon is speeding up to sell Kindle in China. For example, Kindle Paperwhite has recently added support for Simplified Chinese. However, the message from the Chinese side that due to the suspended of the launch of the Cloud Drive service in China, it leaves suspense if the Kindle can visit the Chinese mainland market.

The anonymous sources from Amazon said, as Kindle greatly depends on the Cloud Drive service, plan of Kindle sale in China is bound to be affected. The report said that Amazon has changed plans to launch its own locally hosted services in China, because it requires a huge expenditure. Amazon is currently exploring leasing from local operators to launch its own Cloud Drive service.

This is similar to the measures taken by Microsoft in China. Microsoft avoided license problem according to cooperation with China Telecom and Century Internet, at the same time they rented China Telecom equipment room to build a data center, while the operation and maintenance is responsible by Century Internet.

If Amazon uses this program, it also means that the Kindle will soon enter the Chinese market. Rumors of Kindle to enter the Chinese market has been going on for more than a year’s time.

Asia is becoming a focus region of Amazon, the company has promoted their own equipment many times in Asia. In September this year, Amazon launched in India Kindle Store and the Kindle; October this year, the Kindle also sold in the Japanese market. More importantly, a week before the Kindle sale in the Japanese market, Amazon has launched the Cloud Drive service in the Japanese market.

It is not clear if the Amazon postponed the sale Kindle in the Chinese market is related to the resignation of Amazon Chinese president Wang Hanhua last month. Wang Hanhua announced last month, he plans to end his seven-year term of office in the company before the end of November this year. As to now, Amazon has said no word on this report.

Oct 162012

According to  media reports, after down the price from $379 to $299, Amazon Kindle DX electronic reader will be eliminated. Kindle DX is configured with a 9.7-inch display.

The message said that Amazon no longer sells the Kindle DX, and they also doesn’t disclose when it will resume sales. It seems Amazon has removed the information related to the Kindle DX from its website. Amazon has deleted DX from the Kindle Series product line and all Kindle table.

The message pointed out that the Amazon practice clearly shows that the Kindle DX will be eliminated, Amazon has not upgraded the Kindle DX for several years, or advertise the Kindle DX in the media.

Amazon spokesman did not make any comment on Monday. The third-party businesses are still selling the Kindle DX.

Kindle DX release time is in the summer of 2009, and it has been on sale for more than three years. Compared with the Kindle, Kindle DX is configured with a larger size screen and storage capacity, but because of the higher prices, it has not been really favored by consumers.

Amazon released the Paperwhite version Kindle e-reader and HD version Fire Tablet PC last month.

Oct 122012

Irritated by news of “soon will receive orders for Apple’s iPhone”, Foxconn shares again rose 10% on Friday.

Daiwa Capital Markets released a report on Thursday, the Foxconn will soon get the iPhone orders. The report said: “Our research shows that, due to the iPhone capacity planning, FIH may start producing the iPhone at the end of this year or early 2013.”

Foxconn International is the world’s largest mobile phone OEM companies, whose customers include Nokia, Huawei and ZTE. Apple iPhone was major OEM by Foxconn parent company Hon Hai.

Daiwa Capital Markets refers that Foxconn also get involved in the tablet computer foundry, and it just got first-line products OEM orders from Amazon Kindle Fire.

Daiwa Capital Markets thinks Foxconn remains its core competitiveness, and it’s believed Apple and Amazon orders is capable to reach Nokia, Motorola weak demand.

Affected by the message, Foxconn International stock rose 10.2 percent in Friday morning, trading at HK $3.35, the highest since June. On Thursday, Foxconn shares have gained 17%, marking the biggest one-day gain since mid-2009.

Foxconn declined to comment, but said later today they will release a statement.

Sep 102012

According to media reports, Amazon said on Friday that the company will allow the new Kindle Fire tablet computer buyers to pay another $15 when buying a product to turn off the built-in advertising.

Amazon announced a larger size Kindle Fire Tablet PC on last Thursday, the price is between 159-599 U.S. dollars, and it’s planned to challenge Apple iPad’s dominance in the tablet market by the low prices and more digital content.

Amazon has said that the new Kindle Fire comes with ad called “special offers”, which is helpful to reduce the cost of the product. After the media reported that Amazon does not allow customers to pay to close the ad, criticism on Amazon flooded major online forums.

Last Saturday, the well-known technology blog, Engadget and technology website CNET reported that Amazon has changed its policy.

Amazon spokesman Kinley Pearsall said in an e-mail, “buyers can choose to turn off the ads feature at price of $15 for the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD. We learned from users’ feedbacks, users prefer our advertising features, but there are very few people who do not like advertising. And we are willing to provide customers choose right. ”

Amazon announced the Kindle Fire HD without passing the audit of the Federal Communications Commission. But Amazon said the company expects before the release date November 20, the new products will be approved.

Aug 242012

According to media reports, Amazon today issued invitations to the media, and claimed that the company will hold a press conference in Santa Monica, California on September 6.

Amazon’s invitation did not disclose any information about the content of the news conference. The body of the invitation is only one sentence: “We invite you to participate in the Amazon news conference.”

Amazon’s press conference will be held at Barker Hangar Pavilion in Santa Monica City. The Barker Hangar pavilion is located in the Santa Monica Airport, adjacent to the Los Angeles city, and also private parties and filming are often held in the pavilion.

A year ago, Amazon released Kindle series products, including the Kindle Fire Tablet PC which fully compliance with consumer expectations. Kindle Fire is a 7-inch Android tablet and focused on media consumption, the price is much lower than the Apple iPad.

There are many rumors about the next generation Kindle Fire. Most people think that the next-generation Kindle Fire will be configured a larger display.

According to informed sources, this product is likely to be launched at the second half of the year(may be before Christmas), the next-generation Kindle Fire is thinner and lighter than the previous generation, it will be equipped with a built-in camera and the display quality will be much improved.

As the press conference is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles, the industry believes that the release will focus in video, music, and other forms of entertainment such as games and other content. At the same time, the first generation Kindle products may also be upgraded, but the majority of people in the industry believe that the Kindle products is not strong enough to compete with the iPhone and iPad.